Dress Up Your Newsletters in a Halloween Costume

We’re treating you to Halloween email marketing templates

Zombies, ghosts, vampires and werewolves! What is it about this day that makes us want to dress up in our scariest, funniest or most clever outfits in return for a bag full of sweets?

Even if you’re not taking your kids out for trick-or-treating, not going to a party, choosing instead to shut off your porch light while ignoring your doorbell - just turning on the TV will quickly remind you that there’s no getting away from this holiday.

Well, you might as well join the fun. We’re making it easy for you with these great templates. Putting your message, products or services on them is a great way to stand out while fitting in with the theme of the day.

Once you’ve found the perfect Halloween email template, here are a few tricks for crafting a treat for your subscribers:

  • The average American spends $92.42 on Halloween, according to Statistic Brain. Knowing this, you can use purchase history to target subscribers with specific budgets when creating your email campaigns for Halloween.
  • Obviously there are some businesses that tie in closely to Halloween, whether it’s for costumes, candy, event spaces, decorations, restaurants or amusement parks. However, any business can come up with a Halloween-themed promotion to run. It could be as simple as a car wash advertising that they’re offering candy for your kids (or for those that are a kid at heart) while you wait for your car to be cleaned.
  • No matter your business, every email recipient subscribes to “treat yourself” once in a while. Halloween is another excuse to celebrate that urge.
  • Think treats, not tricks when it comes to your branding. Don’t put your logo a costume or in a color your subscribers have never seen before, just to match the holiday theme. The same idea should be applied to buttons and other colors in your campaign that are not consistent with your website or other marketing materials. Get in on the Halloween fun, but don’t disguise your brand to the point that is not familiar to your subscribers.
  • Don’t spook your subscribers. Keep things simple and do not go over the top. You don’t want your email campaigns to become the parents that try too hard just to appear cool to their kids.
  • Don’t stop at your Halloween template. You can and should begin getting in the holiday spirit with your subject line. Practically everyone loves to get in the Halloween spirit, why not let your subscribers know you’re bringing some fun to their inbox with your subject line?

Automate with a Template

Now that you’ve found the perfect Halloween email template, you should automate your holiday promotion with Automation Pro.

Use strategy templates that lay out the automated follow-ups you should be sending to your subscribers based on their interactions with your promo emails and your website.

Strategy templates and Automation Pro are included in every Pro plan.