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Summer Solstice Email Templates

It's going to be a long day...

The day the sun stands still. Well, not really, but that's what the combination of latin roots "sol" and "stet" equate to during the longest day of the year (followed by the shortest night, of course). If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice occurs in June; for those in the Southern Hemisphere, it arrives in December.

Many cultures place heavy significance on this month, and the day of the solstice in particular, claiming it was a time of magic and even danger. According to the Druids, weddings held during June were destined to be lucky ones. In Egypt, the solstice often occurred during the rising of the Nile, a major portent that signified the start of the Egyptian New Year.

If it weren't for the Earth's tilt, our seasons would be rather bland, so several cultures celebrate the Solstice as a time of fertility and celebration. Send your subscribers a glorious holiday greeting with a Benchmark Summer Solstice Email Template. We guarantee they'll think it's a bright idea!

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