Puoi personalizzare le tue campagne Benchmark Email attraverso l’uso dei merge tags. Sono disponibili le seguenti categorie di tag che vi mostrano come è possibile personalizzare le vostre campagne e-mail


Merge Tags Generali

Indirizzo inserito per l’email

URL per inoltrare il messaggio. es.. <a href=”[forwardurl]”> Clicca qui per inoltrare </a>

URL per carcellarsi. es. <a href=”[unsubscribeurl]”> Clicca qui per cancellarti </a>

[opt-in:text for the link]
URL per permettere l’optin, es. [opt-in:Clicca qui per riconfermare] scriverà <a href=”___”>Clicca qui per riconfermare</a>
[subscribe:text for the link]
URL per permettere l’iscrizione, es. [subscribe:Clicca qui per iscriverti] scriverà <a href=”___”>Clicca qui per iscriverti</a>
[unsubscribe:text for the link]
URL per permettere la cancellazione, es. [unsubscribe:Clicca qui per cancellarti] scriverà <a href=”___”>Clicca qui per cancellarti</a>

[forward:text for the link]
URL per permettere l’inoltro, es. [forward:Clicca qui per inoltrare] will print <a href=”___”>Clicca qui per inoltrare</a>

[Date:number of day from current]
Indica la data calcolata a partire da quando viene inviata la mail

[Date:0] darà la data di invio dell’email
[Date:5] darà la data pari a 5 giorni successivi a quella di invio della mail
[Date:-10] darà la data pari a 10 giorni successivi a quella di invio della mail

Merge tags per la Personalizzazione

Puoi personalizzare la tua email con i dettagli del singolo contatto usando i tags di personalizzazione.

[Greeting: pretext=”salutation” field=”field” alttext=”alternative text”]
Print the greeting with the contact’s name or the alternative greeting if the name is not found.
The values for the field can be

F = First name
L= Last Name
FL = First Name + Last Name

[Greeting: pretext=”Hello” field=”F” alttext=”Greetings!!”]

In case the contact’s name is “Peter Wayne”, it would print
Hello Peter

In case the contact’s name is not given, it would print

Print the value of the field for the contact
fieldname is the label of the field used in the contact list. To get the labels you can go to the detail of any contact and copy-paste the label e.g “Job Title” or “Business Phone” etc. These would translate into [contact_attribute:Job Title] and [contact_attribute:Business Phone]

“Dear [contact_attribute:firstname],”
If James Anderson receives the email, it will say: “Dear James,”

RSS Related Merge Tags

If you have a site which has an RSS Feed, you can now send our emailers without having to create the content all over again. You can simply create an RSS Email which will “pull” content from your RSS Feed and send out the email. You can use the following tags to customize your email.

The title of the RSS Feed.

The description for the RSS Feed.

Published date of the RSS Feed

URL Link of the RSS Feed

To display the RSS items in a preset format
This will print an RSS Item in a preset format

To display a RSS item in your format
This will indicate the start of the Item

This will indicate the end of the Item

The title of the RSS Item

The author of the RSS Item, if available

The published date of the RSS Item

The description of the RSS Item

URL Link to the RSS Item

To limit the RSS Items in the email
[RSSItems: number of items to display]
Limit results to the given number


This will print 3 RSS Items



This will print 5 titles of the RSS item

Social Merge Tags

If you have linked your Twitter and/or Facebook account linked to your Benchmarkemail account, you can use the following tags.

If you have linked your twitter profile, this will print your twitter profile which includes
name, profile image, number of followers, number of people being followed and the number of tweets.

If you have linked your facebook account, this will print a like icon in your email. This will allow viewer to “like” your email.

Share links to the email to facebook, myspace, twitter, delicious, digg and stumbleupon

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