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Benchmark’s Winery Email Marketing

Completely innocent email marketing mistakes such as inappropriately targeting underage recipients or failing to obtain clear permission can land a winery into a legal minefield with the possibility of stiff fines and other serious liabilities. Every aspect of your email campaign needs to be audited for strict compliance with not only federal and state laws, but even self-regulatory standards.
Be Aware of CAN-SPAM
Federal regulations strictly govern the sending of emails and even the slightest violation of CAN-SPAM can bear harsh penalties.
Make It Easy to Get Out
Unsubscribe processes must be accurate, immediate, and consistent. There are a wealth of guidelines which must be adhered to in order to ensure that 100% of unsubscription requests are swiftly and fully honored.
Manage the Bounces
Soft and hard bounces need to be addressed separately and in a coherent manner. Different rules apply to each, and repeated sends to hard bounce emails can quickly ruin your email reputation by lumping your winery in with spammers.
Privacy Policy
Copying and pasting another website's privacy policy is a recipe for legal disaster. Your privacy policy should be specifically drafted for your winery and reviewed and approved by your attorney.