If you would like to convert subscribers of your emails into regular customers, it is important that you direct them to landing pages on your site that will get them where they need to go. It doesn’t do you any good if you are promoting onion jam this week in your email, yet the email link directs subscribers to goat’s milk soap products on your website. When you are promoting a particular product in your email, you either need to make sure that the customer is taken to the product page, or to a landing page that you have set up that relates to that product. Either way, make sure that whatever page you are directing them to is clear, understandable, and explains the following:

Who you are and what you are about

You don’t want to send potential customers to some landing page that looks nothing like the rest of your site. Instead, make sure that your landing page, if you use one, looks like it is part of your website. This does not mean you necessarily need your entire main menu, there are some cases where having main menu works better, but there are certainly cases where it does not. If you are directing customers to product pages, make sure that it is clear what your company is, and how to place an order. You may be surprised at how many companies treat such things like state secrets.

Give the customer contact options

Even though many online retailers have a huge business of people checking out their clothing and products online, some of them still have 1-800 numbers prominently placed on their site. That is because some customers want to talk to a human being to ask questions about a product, especially clothing items, before buying them. Also, having a 1-800 number can give customers a sense of comfort that you will be there if they need you from a customer service perspective even if they do not call. Not having easy accessibility can send a conscious or subconscious message that you may be a difficult company to deal with or reach if they have an issue down the road. You can still have the online option, but you might want to include the 1-800 numbers just in case.

Consider having customer reviews

Sure, if you have all negative reviews for a product, it could hurt sales. But in many cases, the reviews can explain things to potential customers that they need to know. Do those jeans run small? If a number of reviews note that fact, chances are that more potential customers will buy the right size, which will save you the hassle of returns. This helps alleviate your customer concerns and questions in a trust-worthy way- which is essential to have highest conversion rates possible.

Include testimonials

If you are selling a book, and you have quotes from celebrities – or just devout fans – praising the book, make sure that those testimonials are easy to find on your landing page. Better yet – make sure that at least some of the quotes are teased in your emails as well. Testimonials create third party corroboration which helps a lot. But consider using pictures of customers, or videos as people are getting more and more skeptical of testimonials that look like they may have been written by the company itself!

See what works for you

We cannot stress this enough. There is no one-size-fits all thing when it comes to how to design your landing page. Some sites work well with short landing pages, while others do better with a long landing page. Test, and then test again, to see what works best for you.