Most marketers are familiar with business to consumer (B2C) sales. B2C involves selling a product directly to a consumer, no middle man. Business to business, on the other hand, involves you selling your product or service to another business. B2B marketing is a completely different animal than B2C; the focus is more on the long term sales and building relationships with your clients. Here are some important things you should remember when assembling a B2B email marketing campaign.

A Solid Foundation
Successful B2B marketing is based almost entirely on trust. Businesses prefer to get their products from companies they believe will provide them with honest, timely services and well made products. Of course, the sale is always important. But when you are dealing with business customers it is equally important to build their trust in you and your brand. Trust leads to relationships, and building relationships with your business customers ensures that they will stay your customers for the long haul.

Get Personal
When you’re dealing directly with customers, mass emails with generalized subject lines usually work just fine. But business customers are a different story. Businesses want to know that they have you in their corner, that they are more to you than an I.D. number on an Excel worksheet. The emails you send to your business customers should be as personal as possible. Include names and past purchases to really drive home the fact that their continued business is important to you.

Beyond the Sale
A great way to show your B2B customers that they are a priority is to give them more than just the product they buy. Send them emails with how-to videos and tips on the different ways they can use your products. The idea is to help them get the most out of your business as they can. The more you offer along with your products, the more your business customers will value your services.

Point of View
When dealing with B2B customers it’s important to imagine yourself in their shoes. How would you want to be treated if you were purchasing goods or services from them? It’s always best to be straightforward. Let them know exactly how your company will service them and what value they should expect from your products.

Long Term
Business to consumer relationships tend not to last long, one or two purchases at most. The consumer comes in, gets what they want and they are out. On the other hand, B2B relationships are the most fruitful for all parties involved when they are long term. Your email campaigns should focus on building long, steady relationships with your business clients. Focus on the future and your clients will follow suit.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you begin communicating with your business customers. B2B is all about showing your customer that your business can be trusted, that they can count on you to deliver the goods time and time again. Keep you B2B clients happy and they are sure to stick around for a long time.


by Daniel Cassady

Daniel Cassady is a freelance writer for a major film association website and has had work published in some of the top marketing, technology and social media-focused blogs.