Are you sending surveys to your customers with SurveyMonkey? Gaining consumer feedback just got easier thanks to a brand new integration with Benchmark Email and SurveyMonkey. This is a template integration, meaning we’ve got templates designed for the very purpose of integrating with and sending out your surveys to your customers and subscribers.

You can integrate your SurveyMonkey account on the Integrations page in the User Menu at the top right. Or you can simply do it during the email creation process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log into Benchmark Email
  2. Click on Create Email and choose the Drag & Drop Editor
  3. Complete step 1: “Describe”
  4. Complete step 2: “List”
  5. Click “Template”
  6. Filter for Integrations > SurveyMonkey
  7. Select SurveyMonkey Template
  8. When prompted, log into SurveyMonkey
  9. Select Template
  10. Select Survey and Weblink
  11. Click Next Module to continue

There are a few template layouts to choose from. While many of the elements are customizable, it’s important to make sure you don’t change the URL attached to the button.

Another thing to note is that this integration enables you to send your Survey Monkey survey using the power of email marketing with Benchmark Email. However, you’ll have to login to your Survey Monkey account to view the results of your survey.