That word sends shivers down our spines.

As an email marketing company, it’s a joke (and sometimes accusation) that often gets lobbed our way.

We’re sure you’ve heard similar when you tell a friend or family member that you do email marketing.

“Oh … you’re a spammer.”

Then we explain permission-based, opt-in email marketing. Some people buy it (real practical marketers already knew and don’t bother with the jokes … they’re too busy enjoying the ROI email marketers enjoy).

That’s because even legitimate businesses sometimes don’t understand the impact of unwanted emails. Companies who don’t quite follow email marketing best practices can become a huge problem.

A lot of marketers don’t even realize the damage they can cause if they don’t pay attention to their sender reputation. The worst part is that sometimes these bad practices can affect other senders on the same servers.

Why Use a Dedicated IP

At Benchmark we offer shared IPs and Servers for a lot of our users. It’s a great way to get started with email marketing.

We always try to group users who have similar sending patterns and reputation. Even though we do this, sometimes a bad sender can slip through the cracks. We have algorithms and security measures that detect these bad practices quite fast. We immediately take action by halting a harmful user, but it can still affect the server.

How It Works

As we mentioned, Benchmark tries to group users with similar sending patterns and reputation scores. We based these off of your domain’s sender score and sending habits.

For example, if you are a retail business and you send often promotions and sales like emails, our system would take that and your sender score as reference to place you into a group of other users with similar practices.

We would do the same for a blogger or non-profit organization that would send out more newsletter type emails.

This practice helps keep a good reputation with the ISPs and an overall good delivery rate for the emails.

When to Use a Dedicated IP

As you get started with your email marketing efforts, shared spaces are a perfect, cost-effective solution. It’s already included in your account!

As your list grows and the importance of your email marketing channel builds, your email volume will surely increase. This is when you should consider a dedicated IP for your account.

Your Own Dedicated IP

Having a Dedicated IP means that we setup an IP just for you!

Think of it as having your own dedicated mail man. This gives you full control over your reputation and sender score.

The more you send and the more engagement your subscribers have with your emails, the better delivery rates you will have.

For just $30 a month, you can have your own Dedicated IP. We have plenty of IPs warming up and they only take a few minutes to set up for your business.

Let’s Review

A shared IP is perfect for the standard email marketer or for small lists of subscribers.

However, as your list grows, and your emails become money makers, we encourage you to look into the advantages of having a Dedicated IP.

Once again, this gives you full control over your reputation and delivery. The more engagement, the better rates!

We recommend companies with a list size of 50,000 or more to consider the dedicated IP option. Especially if you are a frequent sender.

We’re Here To Help

If you have questions or if you would like to learn more about dedicated IPs, call, chat or email us! Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of customer engagement specialists can help you identify if a Dedicated IP is right for you.