Many of us know and love StumbleUpon, but aren’t sure how to utilize it to its full potential. StumbleUpon is a personalized discovery engine that suggests web pages to users based on interests and previous page ratings. More than 25 million people use StumbleUpon to find new web pages, images, videos and more. (If you’ve never Stumbled, check out Simply Stacie’s StumbleUpon Explained.) StumbleUpon is also one of the biggest traffic driving tools websites can use, surpassing even Facebook.

After combing the internet, I’ve compiled a list of the best tips for building traffic with StumbleUpon:

1) Clean Up Your Website

Before you start Stumbling your own pages, make sure your website is as visually appealing as possible:

  • Use bold, high-quality graphics to captivate viewers.
  • Organize your site’s layout so everything is clear & easy to navigate.
  • Never have pop-ups, intrusive ads or automatic videos – they guarantee quick exits! (No “Subscribe to this” pop-ups either!)

2) Be Selective

Submit pages you genuinely like, whether they are from your site or not.

  • Better content means more visits, likes & shares.
  • Tutorials, images, lists, infographics & videos are always popular.
  • Use compelling titles. While content is vital, headlines are often the first things people see. Some of the best titles are humorous, shocking, unusual or even controversial.

Keep in mind that people often stumble with their mouse hovering over the Stumble button. You only have an instant to grab attention, so make it count!

3) Lay a Foundation

Create a great StumbleUpon profile:

  • Brand your username and profile in line with your website so people will recognize you.
  • Add a good profile picture and write your bio thoughtfully. Think of your profile as another blog.
  • Select your interests. These help users connect and understand what you’re all about.

4) Build a Presence

Start Stumbling & building connections:

  • Follow users with similar interests; they will often follow you back.
  • Join StumbleUpon Groups; they can help you find followers.
  • Pay attention to who follows your followers. The more followers they have, the greater exposure you get.
  • Share your stumbles with friends and followers. If you want to share a Stumble with someone you follow, always send a message via StumbleUpon. They will be more likely to follow you back and like your Stumbles.

Friends are more likely to like and share your content than strangers. Moderation is key! Over-sharing can lead to users blocking you.

5) Cement Lasting Relationships

View the likes and comments for your website’s pages:

  • Click on your StumbleUpon toolbar to see “People who like this.”
  • Users who have liked or commented on your post have the potential to become loyal readers.
  • Take time to thank users for Stumbling and consider following them.
  • Return the favor: leave meaningful comments on Stumbled pages.

6) More Tips

If you aren’t Stumbling yet, I highly recommend it for business & pleasure! How do you get the most out of StumbleUpon?


by Annabelle Absar

Annabelle Absar is a Belmont University senior who will graduate this May with her BBA. She has worked with the Global Education Center, a Nashville non-profit, for the past several years and is currently interning with Family Focus Blog. Interested in business and entrepreneurship, Annabelle is looking forward to her professional future. A proud Nashvillian, she enjoys spending time with her big family and finding unique ways to have fun. An avid thrifter and bargain hunter, Annabelle can be found haggling at flea markets and exploring antique shops with her sisters.