Apparently not everyone will be playing practical jokes on each other this April 1st. No, I’m not just talking about the people that don’t care about April Fool’s Day. In Japan, April 1st is a holiday for a much different and more productive reason. For Japan, April 1st represents the first day of the fiscal year. Major Japanese companies usually have Nyushashiki, which is an entry ceremony for new employees. I picture it like college orientation except that a job, not four years of debauchery (and learning), follow.

For email marketers with subscribers in Japan, this could be a great opportunity to let your Japanese subscribers know that you’re thinking about them. Clothing companies could promote some new work-appropriate duds or restaurants can have specials for celebrating a new job. Customize a Benchmark HTML email template and let your Japanese subscribers know they’re on your mind as they begin their jobs in the new fiscal year.