Say you’re a business or organization with multiple departments. Each may have different functions and the communications from them may vary, but the overall branding should still remain the same. Benchmark Email offers a great solution for this. With sub-accounts, you can manage multiple user accounts from within your main Benchmark Email account.

Sub-accounts are simple to create and great for businesses and organizations with different departments and functions. Each sub-account can manage its own contact lists and email campaigns Your accounting department won’t have to worry about wrangling invoices from all your departments either. Sub-accounts aren’t billed individually for usage. The main account will be billed based on the plan and the sum of all emails sent out by sub-accounts. With your main account you can log in to any sub-accounts necessary and even have the power to enable or disable sub-accounts if needed.

To enable sub-accounts, first call in or email us to let us know you’d like this feature activated. Then log in to your Benchmark Email account and click on My Account. Click on the User Management Box and on the next page select Create New User.

It is very simple to keep branding consistent between the master account and sub-accounts. The master account has the ability to push email templates to the sub-accounts. From the Templates Page in the Email Builder, select My Email Layouts. You can choose to Share with Sub-accounts at the bottom of each template in this category. A box will pop up, and you can select which account you would like to share the template with.