Often, the novice marketer asks a question that goes something like, “should I be doing A or B in my marketing efforts?” No matter what A or B represents, the answer is never either/or … but all of the above. All our marketing channels are strongest when used in conjunction with one another. Our Benchmark Email template integrations make that incredibly simple. We’re excited to announce new template integrations for eBay, Etsy, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Events.


Bring more attention to your items for sale on eBay. Either promote one or multiple items with the eBay template option. That means you’re not limited to just the audience of eBay, but can also advertise to repeat customers, subscribers and more.


Share the items in your Etsy store with your subscribers. Promote up to 15 of your most recent offerings with the Etsy template option. Help drive repeat business, get more eyes on the crafts in your Etsy store and sell more.


Turn your subscribers into LinkedIn followers by sharing recent updates. Your company’s information and three most recent updates are included with the LinkedIn template option. Your LinkedIn followers won’t always be your subscribers and vice versa. This helps to close that gap.


Convert your email subscribers into Twitter followers by sharing recent tweets. Up to five of your company’s most recent tweets are included with the Twitter template option. Even if your subscribers are already following you on Twitter, they may not be seeing all your tweets. Be sure they’re seen with the help of this integration.


Turn your subscribers into Pinterest followers by sharing your boards. Get more eyes on your boards and expand your reach beyond the platform with the Pinterest template option.

Facebook Events

Increase attendance to your Facebook Events by promoting them with email marketing. Advertise one or more Facebook Events with the Facebook Events template option. Plus, you get the added advantage of Benchmark Email’s real-time reports. That way you’ll be able to better gauge interest in your events.


by Andy Shore

Andy Shore found his way to Benchmark when he replied to a job listing promising a job of half blogging, half social media. His parents still don’t believe that people get paid to do that. Since then, he’s spun his addiction to pop culture and passion for music into business and marketing posts that are the spoonful of sugar that helps the lessons go down. As the result of his boss not knowing whether or not to take him seriously, he also created the web series Ask Andy, which stars a cartoon version of himself. Despite being a cartoon, he somehow manages to be taken seriously by many of his readers ... and few of his coworkers.