Our history

Benchmark started in 2003 as a place for online marketing tools. In 2004, it switched its focus primarily to email marketing. With the name Benchmark Email and a corporate color of navy blue, the brand appeared as a solid standard for email marketing. Over the years, the company has been through a few different brand changes attempting to finding its place in a fast growing industry. In the past, Benchmark was email marketing for the masses, an easy to use service that allowed anyone to improve their business or venture with email marketing. Today Benchmark is still easy to use, but it is not just email marketing and it is not for everyone.

Benchmark has become a platform for marketers who desire quality engagement with their customers. With devoted local support teams in 15 countries, Benchmark’s goal is to empower marketers around the world to engage with their customers using intuitive software and practical strategies. Last year was a time of transition for Benchmark, refining its focus and stepping into a new identity as a company. To fully embrace this transition, it was important to create a visual identity to match the new found focus.

Our new symbol

This is the new logo mark for Benchmark. It is a symbol holding all of the attributes that make Benchmark the company who it is. The hope is that this will be the symbol of our Benchmark community. It is intended to represent the day-to-day work with marketers helping them transform their businesses by engaging with customers.


Looking closely at the symbol, it is made up of 3 different line weights. Six lines made up of two line weights start on the left side of the symbol and grow toward the middle. After they pass through the middle of the symbol the lines are transformed and then continue to grow. This represents what Benchmark to be for marketers, a place to transform their business and be empowered to grow.

A new Benchmark

With a new identity and attributes Benchmark needed to make some changes. The first change was the original Benchmark blue. The CEO Curt Keller originally chose navy blue for a standard corporation feeling. Benchmark continues to be corporate and professional, however, it has a company culture that is practical and approachable as well. It an effort to reflect the new identity more accurately, the design team adjusted the original blue to better fit the new attributes. Along with the blue, the brand identity includes a much broader color pallet. Since Benchmark participates in events held all over the world throughout the year, limiting design for marketing materials with navy blue and green are no longer accurate for the company. With the addition of more colors, Benchmark will be able to be painted more accurately as the colorful company that it is.

The announcement of this change is an exciting new chapter for Benchmark and its users.  This was no small undertaking, and the heart of the company was woven throughout the fabric of the new brand. Benchmark is eager to use this new identity to continue building up a community of marketers and helping them reach their goals.

Stay tuned for another blog post that gives an in-depth perspective on the re-brand and the design process.