Let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

Your pet is doing the cutest thing, or you and your significant other are posed for the perfect Kodak moment. Or maybe you just know that Facebook absolutely has to see the photo of your child with food all over its face. You click to take the picture and…

…an alert pops up saying your storage space is full. Cue scrambling to delete photos and rank in your head which special memories are more important than others (or which restaurant you still want to be able to brag about eating at later).

That’s the worst. Right?

Visual Content Matters

It happens with businesses too.

Sometimes businesses hire professional photographer to take candid shots around the office or glamour shots of their products.

We all have a hoard of photos from events and expos or even company gatherings.

In fact, visual marketing ranked second only to blogging in terms of important content when marketers were polled by Social Media Examiner last year.

Visual Marketing is 2nd

Sharing images helps to give a personal touch to any business. Including your logo works to establish your brand recognition.

Readers pay close attention to images that carry information. Eyetracking studies tell us when images are relevant, they will spend more time looking at the images than text.

The data is there. We need to have our stockpile of photos and visual content at the ready for every email campaign.

When you’ve budgeted your time for your latest email campaign, the last thing you need is get an alert that your Image Gallery is full. There’s that same sinking feeling we all know too well.

Benchmark Understands Your Visual Content Needs

With every account, whether it’s free or paid, Benchmark offers marketers an Image Gallery that can store up to 10MB of images.

Depending on the size of your images, that can help you store up to 100 images!

For your email campaigns to load as fast as possible and for the best deliverability, we recommend uploading images of around 100KBs.

As you upload images into your account, our system will automatically compress them a bit without losing quality.

You can also try a few other free tools here:

With the editing tool inside of your account, Aviary, you can also edit your images by adding filters, text and much more!

Say Goodbye to the Storage Full Alert

As you continue to hone your craft and become an email marketing pro, and have images as a huge part of your email campaigns, you may bump up against the Image Gallery storage limit.

Don’t fret.

You can easily upgrade to Image Hosting Plus! This add-on will give you UNLIMITED space for all of your visual content for just $5 per month.

The Smarter Way To Engage with Your Customers

Our platform is built for the practical marketer, we offer all of the tools you need to get started and even more as you grow.

Share Your Ideas

Let us know your tips for visual content in your email marketing. Did we miss any tools? Have you tried something that’s yielded impressive results. Tell us in the comments below.