There is more than just using an email marketing service to send emails. Email marketing services, though, depending on who you use, will sometimes have limited resources. Like in a scary movie, you want any tools you can get your hands on to get you get out of a sticky situation. In this case, you’d want all the tools you can get to help you successfully market to your subscribers. So here are some types of email marketing integrations that can deliver life-saving results.

CRM Integrations

There are many Customer Relationship Management tools out there, Zoho and Salesforce are just a couple out there. Many email marketing services may not provide a comprehensive tool to store and manage contacts. By using CRM, you’ll be able to view and manage your subscribers a lot more easily. Allowing you to create specific segments to target and send to.

E-Commerce Stores

It’s best to collect contacts organically and what better way to organically build your subscriber base than with an online storefront. E-Commerce, or conducting business online as you can imagine is the way to go nowadays. Integrating your email marketing service with your store, you can collect very strong subscribers who may open your emails and return to your store.


Blogging as an activity is popular among businesses and casual internet users alike. There are also the “in-betweens” – casual internet users striving to make a living off blogging. There are others who use blogs as a launchpad to set up other businesses like eCommerce.  Regardless of which segment of bloggers you belong to, building a mailing list is of paramount importance. The idea here is simple – blogging is a high-engagement marketing activity that attracts prospective customers to your website. Integrating your blog with an email marketing platform allows these prospects to subscribe to regular updates from your blog.This presents a lucrative opportunity to build a targeted following that can be leveraged for conversion.

Social Media

Do you have a social media presence? You can gain a wider audience by posting or releasing your emails to your social media platforms. Integrations may allow you to easily post your emails automatically and You can gain a wider audience for your emails. It’s not trackable who and how many people may read your emails, but it could convince your fans to subscribe to your email.