Now that you know where to go to get your mobile marketing needs sorted, the next step is to consider your options for SMS and text mobile marketing.

SMS and text mobile marketing differs from traditional mobile marketing in that first of all you’re not just optimizing your platform for different gadgets, smart phones, iPads and Kindles. You may not even be dealing with QR codes. Instead, you’re now dealing with a whole different mobile monster.

You’ll need to consider…

  • How short/long codes and keywords work
  • Best practices for your industry
  • How not to get treated (or sued) for spam
  • How to build SMS lists
  • Different campaign strategies, including couponing

It’s a lot to take in, and a serious company should not go it alone unless they have a trained representative or designated personnel ready to take on the task. If you don’t, then opt for a reputable company that can get you the results you need. If you’ve got a smart team, your team will be learning the tricks of the trade along the way too.

Here are some of the best-rated go-to companies that excel specifically in SMS and text mobile marketing:

EZ Texting – It’s as simple as signing up, adding your contacts and sending your texts. Competitive features come standard with user accounts, including Text-2-Vote, Text-2-Win and Text-2-Join. Users can take advantage of the intuitive browser based marketing software that lets you send text messages, schedule them, access a message inbox and filter for keywords. Developers can access the developer center. EZ Texting also offers webinars and free SMS marketing resources.

You can opt-in for a pay-and-go plan that doesn’t have any monthly fees but is limited in options. Otherwise, there’s a $29 Starter plan that scales up to a $250 Pro plan, and then of course you can always ask for larger more complex accommodations. EZ Texting also offers a free trial.

Text Hub – Similar to EZ Texting, offers two way texting, autoresponders, analytics, scheduling and keyword opt-ins. Users also get unlimited auto text messaging that can be targeted to specific groups that customers have selected to be a part of. Each message is personalized with the recipient’s name. Like EZ Texting, Text Hub also offers an online interface to make usage simpler.

Pricing is also set up on a similar model, including a pay-as-you-go model that scales to a $99/Starter model all the way to a customizable model.

mobileStorm – Designed for a business owner with more tech knowledge or a designated team with some experience, mobileStorm offers short codes, two way dialogues, coupon creations, text-to-screen and more. It applies for a broad range of industries, including healthcare, agencies, retail, gaming, hospitality and entertainment. MobileStorm also excels in the resources they offer their clients. With a plethora of well-researched white papers, webinars, reports, newsletters, videos, blog posts and best practices sheets, you can quickly catch up in this niche market even if you are a beginner.

Involve Mobile – Offering SMS short codes, interactive marketing (that ties in text and web), bulk SMS delivery and an eCRM and mobile database, Involve Mobile provides everything you need to get off the ground with a serious campaign. Their features are so in-depth that it merits a serious customer’s attention to look at one of the top-rated companies out there for SMS/text marketing. The pricing model is unfortunately not as advanced as the services, with breakdowns not clearly stipulated in an organized way consumers would expect. There’s an account setup fee, monthly fee and individual other little fees that can add up. This is where there’s a lot of room for improvement.

For a simpler solution, try Cellit Mobile Marketing, which offers much of the same without the confusion. It’s also perhaps best for the beginner small business – especially local and mom & pop shops.