With the launch of Benchmark’s iPhone App, you may have some questions regarding how to put it to its best use. We are on the precipice of a brave new email marketing world, but have no fear. We invite you now to sit back, and imagine, imagine yourself in comfortable, stylish shoes, the faint scent of rain wafting past your nostrils. Imagine a distant roll of thunder. The lightning cracks…and you have become…

The Most Interesting Benchmark Mobile App User in the World!

Deplane and Debrief

Let me meet you at the gate, Mr. or Mrs. Frequent Flyer. You’re off the plane first because you check in early enough to sit up front, just behind first class. I know better than to ask you if you need to go to baggage claim – you don’t. If it doesn’t fit in a carry-on, it doesn’t fit your style.

No Computers Needed for Email Marketing On-the-Go

Let’s breeze by those non-professional travelers and tourists as we sprint to a rented car, or better yet, a hotel shuttle. Let’s drop that bag off and lock that computer in the room safe. True, your laptop is light, but your head is heavy with the knowledge that you’re about to drop on this town. No, we’re not carrying anything but our iPhones and business cards. Nothing can slow us down when we’re this light.

So where is it that we’re going? A convention? A lecture? A book signing? A meeting with a head-of-state (or at least a head of a department)?

See It. Snap It. Send It.

Look to your right, do you see that important landmark? I bet your clients would be impressed that you travel the world in order to bring them better ingredients/materials/deals/etc. Pull out that iPhone and snap a picture of that statue/mountain/cute gazelle/indigenous uniformed pedestrian. It’s two minutes to the hotel and you can open up your Benchmark Email Mobile app. Add that picture to a simple template. Say hello to your best clients by tapping in a quick message. Hit send. One sweet, brief, interesting email engagement is on the way.

And the adventure will continue…