After hours of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what to write about for the sales blog… it occurred to me that nobody wants to hear what a salesman has to say unless it’s a killer deal. And even then we double think and say, “Where’s the catch?”

So, my fellow sales partners, let’s just keep it simple and real. No deals, no haggling. Simple sales point of view:

What is Email Marketing? How can Email Marketing help me? Permission based? I can only send to my current clients/subscribers? How does this increase my sales?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to launch your product. It is direct, personal and informative on both ends. You are able to send a customer exactly what they want to hear from you. You can keep it personal by addressing them by name. And you can fill it with links and details to provide as much info, deals and resources as needed.

This last point is an interesting one. Adding links. Since Email Marketing is all digital, you can track, see where your subscribers are going, study what links they think are hot – and send them more information on what they want to hear!

There are many ways to use Email Marketing, but I’ll mention two general methods:

Passive Email Marketing

This is when you send all of your past clients and current subscribers a monthly or weekly newsletter. Your main goal here is to keep your brand floating in their heads. When Joe goes up to Bob and says, “Hey Bob! I’m looking for X, do you know where I can find it?” you want Bob to fire right back with: “Yeah! I get this email every Monday! I’ll forward it to you! Killer deals!”

Direct Email Marketing

A little more specific and to the point. Once your prey has finished inputting his data in your signup form… you attack! Just kidding. By creating custom fields and splitting your lists, you will know exactly what questions to ask. These questions will slide your new subscriber or customer into the right category to send them exactly what they want to hear.

Email Marketing is a tool of communication and can be used for much more. But from a sales point of view…. Well, let us know what you think! How do you use Email Marketing? Are you more Passive or Direct?