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QuickEmailVerification Integration for Benchmark Email

Add QuickEmailVerification contacts to your Benchmark Email list(s)

With our QuickEmailVerification integration you will be able to verify email addresses in your Benchmark contact list. This email verification will remove incorrect, invalid or unsafe email addresses from your list. With a cleaned email list, you’ll see a greatly improved email deliverability, practically zero hard bounces and much better campaign performance and ROI.


Benchmark Email Account (works with Free Starter Plan)

Integration Is Fast & Easy:

No download necessary
Automatically add leads to your Benchmark Email list(s)
Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing

How to Integrate QuickEmailVerification:

  1. Log in to your QuickEmailVerification account.
  2. Click Upload Email List on the top-right of the page.
  3. On the pop-up, choose Import From ESP.
  4. Now select Import From Benchmark.
  5. Enter your Benchmark API Key where prompted then click Connect.
  6. Select a list you want to verify from the drop-down menu and click Import.
  7. From your QuickEmailVerification panel, under Verification Jobs, click Start next to the list you have chosen to verify.
  8. Once the verification process is completed, you’ll receive an email from QuickEmailVerification telling you the list is ready.
  9. On the QuickEmailVerification panel, under Verification Jobs, click Download and select Export Results to Benchmark.
  10. The pop-up page will offer you various choices as to what kind of addresses you’d like to retain in the new contact list in Benchmark (your original list will not reflect these changes). For your convenience, the default settings are set to the optimum so you won't have the need to make changes. However, feel free to make the changes that best fit your need.
  11. Click Export.
  12. Select Yes Proceed to continue the export process.
  13. After the export process is completed, you’ll receive an email from QuickEmailVerification saying your list has been created.

To learn more about the QuickEmailVerification integration with Benchmark,
please Click Here.