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Slack Integration For Benchmark Email

A single person can’t whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to do that.

Teamwork is one of the critical ingredients for the long-term success of any company. And as such, there are many collaboration tools out there, much more than you think.

Our favorite among them all is Slack. And the reason for this is simple:

We know how effective it is in helping teams get work done smoothly because we use it in-house.

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that enables teams to work effectively together and connect their software tools - all within a secure environment.

It provides a workspace for your marketing and sales team to find and share ideas and work together.

But here’s the thing:

If your marketing and sales team is anything like ours, you use numerous software tools to get work done. This means that your team members will often have to switch between different software tools and platforms, distracting their attention from the most important goal as a marketer:

To convert your leads into customers.

So we set about working to reduce this friction and created a simplified way for your marketing and sales team to achieve their goals through one of the most trusted marketing methods: email marketing.

With Benchmark Email's email marketing software and its integration with Slack, you can easily add your Slack contacts to your email lists, update your prospects’ status, and create quality engagement with your customers, right from within the Slack app.

Let’s dive into details on why using the Slack app is such a great idea for your team and how you can combine it with Benchmark Email to power your email marketing campaigns.

Why Use Slack?

These are some of the benefits you and your team would get from using the Slack app.

Slack Helps You Organize Your Daily Activities

Slack is so much more than a messaging platform; we already have enough of those, don’t you think?

What makes the Slack app different is its plan to revolutionize the way teams collaborate. With Slack, you can have a centralized workspace to handle all your sales and marketing operations.

Channels are how your workspace comes to life. They are dedicated homes for team members working on the same topics or projects.

For example, you could create a Slack channel for your content marketing team, #content-marketing-team, or one for your email outreach team, #outreach-email.

Public channels can become an extensive library containing information that is easily available to every member of your sales and marketing team.

If you want to share sensitive information, make use of private channels. And use the dm’s if you wish to exchange messages with a team member quickly.

That’s not all. The Slack app can also help you build stronger relationships with your external partners like vendors, ad agencies, and PR agencies.

You can invite them to a shared channel, share constant updates, and drive better results through improved collaboration.

Ignite Your Team’s Productivity Through Third-party Integrations

If you use different SaaS tools for your operations, then it pays to have these tools play well with one another, right?

Well, Slack is one of those tools that play well with other tools.

You can connect your team’s workflow from different channels into a single workspace by taking advantage of Slack’s integration with third-party marketing and sales tools.

For example, from the Slack app directory, you can use Troops to connect your team to Salesforce. Or, use Glance to keep an eye on your blog content performance. And, of course, use Benchmark Email to nurture your leads.

Build Effective And Transparent Teams

One massive benefit of using the Slack app is that your team’s access to information is no longer hindered by compartmentalization. Everyone has access to the same information.

New additions to your marketing and sales team can browse through previous messages and get essential information about a particular lead’s status and life cycle.

You can offer support via channels to team members. For example, you can create a channel called #welcome to help new additions to your sales team get up to speed with your organization’s processes. It's a great alternative to sending emails, which can clutter up the inboxes of team members and make it difficult for them to reference that information later.

Team leads and supervisors can have a holistic view of the entire workspace. And easily review the performance of each team member due to the predictable layout of the channels.

Slack’s transparency also makes it easy for you to boost your team’s morale by announcing a successful deal or milestone anytime they are achieved.

Why Use Benchmark Email Slack Integration?

Benchmark Email is a robust automation tool that allows you to use email marketing to drive your business growth. With its intuitive email builder and engaging lead generation tools, you can focus less on technicalities and more on connecting with your growing audience.

Using the Benchmark Email integration with Slack will increase your team’s productivity, helping you achieve your business goals faster.

No Download Required

We’ve tried to make the process of streamlining your workflow as seamless as possible. And as a result, you do not have to download any other software to integrate Benchmark Email's email marketing software with Slack.

Everything you need can be accessed through your Benchmark Email account and your Slack workspace.

10x Your Email Marketing Campaign, Right From Within Slack

Gone are the days when you have to switch between tools to get work done. With our collaboration with Slack, you can keep control over your email marketing campaigns directly from within the Slack app.

Your team can:

  • Track every email lead by sending notifications from Benchmark Email directly into your Slack channel
  • Send emails to your audience without leaving Slack
  • Automatically add new prospects from Slack to your email lists

It’s Free

If you thought that using an integration that allows you to maximize your email marketing campaign as well as increase your team’s productivity will come at an extra cost, we understand where you're coming from.

Most other email marketing platforms will hit you with accumulated fees.

But the beauty of Benchmark Email's integration with the Slack app is that you can get started at absolutely no cost. Although we have paid plans, this service is also available on our free plan. Plus, you can also get started with Slack for free too.

Requirements For Using Benchmark’s Email Marketing Software and Slack Integration

The only things you need to get started with Benchmark’s Slack integration are a Benchmark account and a Slack account. Let’s see how to create them.

Signup For a Free Benchmark Email Account

You must have a Benchmark email account to use our email marketing solution. However, as previously mentioned, the process of signing up for an email account comes at no cost under our free plan. The entire process of creating and setting up the account takes less than 15 minutes.

To start, you’ll need to provide your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You will also be required to provide your organization name, your organization list size, and login information. Next, you’ll need to create a password for accessing your account.

To get the most out of our tools, you’ll be asked to specify what you wish to accomplish with Benchmark:

Create a Slack Account

The process of creating a Slack workspace for you and your team is straightforward. Note that when you create a workspace, you become the primary owner of that workspace.

Visit Slack’s website and click on the get started free button. You have the option of using Apple or Google, or using your email address to signup. If you plan to use Slack for work, use your email address from your company's domain.

Once you’ve passed this stage, check your email for a confirmation code. Enter this code. Then click Create a Workspace and follow the prompts.

Your new Slack workspace is now ready. You can start inviting your team members to get real work done.

Tips For Integrating Benchmark Email With Slack

Follow these steps to successfully integrate your Benchmark Email account with Slack.

Log In To Your Benchmark Email Account

Log in to your Benchmark Email account and click on your username at the top right-hand corner of the page. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on integrations.

On the page that shows up, select get started. Now, you will be directed to a page showing all the third-party integrations that Benchmark Email offers your business.

Select Slack from the list and click connect to begin the authorization process.

Authorize The Integration Process

After clicking on connect, login to your Slack workspace and complete the sign-in process.

Click authorize to complete the linkage of your Benchmark Email account with your Slack workspace.

Set Up Your Email Lists In Benchmark Email

In your Benchmark email, select the list you would like to add contacts to (or create a new one). Click save and next.

You should also review and map your Slack fields according to the data field in your Benchmark email list. Click save and next after doing this.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Benchmark Email with Slack.


Slack has become one of the most important collaboration tools for teams worldwide. As a marketer and team leader, two of your most important concerns are how to convert your prospects into customers and, at the same time, keep your team galvanized.

Combining a collaboration workspace that your team already loves with an email marketing platform already proven to drive results should be a no-brainer.

So, the question is: are you ready to 10x your email marketing performance? Get started with Benchmark Email today!