Landing Pages (LPs) are an extremely effective marketing tool to unleash from your arsenal. They give you flexibility within your branding to do some different things, you can often develop them quicker than a typical page on your website and, most importantly to this post, they can be designed for a single goal. The most effective email marketing campaigns are also designed around a singular goal. That’s what makes email marketing such a natural pair with LPs.

At MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Flint McGlaughlin reminded the crowd of one important fact: an email campaign can’t sell anything … except a click. The sale takes places on your website. That really hammered home the importance of one clear goal for your email campaigns.

Carry that ideology through to your LP. If you link someone to your website from an email campaign, there’s the possibility of distraction. Perhaps there are multiple products available on the page or various links in the header or footer that could distract from your goal.

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, think about it from the email campaign through to the landing page and what you will consider a success. Match the branding in your email and landing page. Tell a story that begins in the inbox and ends on the LP. Put only on the LP what you will need to achieve success. Keep it simple and enjoy the ROI that email marketing and landing pages can deliver.