Your list of subscribers, customers and leads are worth their numbers of spreadsheet cells in gold. They are important and it’s important you value them in that way. On the other side, it’s also important to understand the lifecycle of your subscribers as well as list hygiene.

The average email address can go stale after two years. You may think this is a short lifecycle, but many of your subscribers change their email because of a job or overall position changes and this can affect your delivery rate. It’s important to have a bounce rate under 5%. Accomplishing this helps ISPs understand that you’re paying close attention to your email list and its cleanliness.

At Benchmark, we determine 3 types of bounces:

  1. Soft Bounce. This type of bounce refers to when an email is sent to an address we know exists but is unavailable at the time. This can happen for a series of reasons (inbox is full, the recipient server timed out or is just temporarily unavailable).
  2. Hard Bounce. In this case, you may have sent an email to an address that doesn’t exist or has expired. This is common for subscribers who have typos or invalid email addresses as they subscriber to your emails. For this reason, it’s a great idea to ensure a double opt-in method for your subscribers.
  3. Confirmed Bounce. Once an email address hard bounces 3 or more times, our system will automatically consider this email address as an expired or invalid email address. This will ensure that no future email will be sent to your hard bounces.

In order to keep a low bounce rate, it’s important to clean your lists every six months or annually. This will weed out expired and invalid email addresses. By doing this, you will keep a good reputation with the ISPs and see a better open rate. You can also pay close attention to your reports and try to re-engagement subscribers who may have lost interested by re-sending confirmation emails to ensure their subscription is still valid.

Keeping a clean list will show your attention to detail with ISPs and will help to achieve a higher open rate. By weeding out invalid email addresses you will also keep a more focused list that will result in more valid data in regards to your open and overall click rate.

If you have questions on list hygiene, please contact our customer service team via chat, phone or email!