Getting to your subscribers’ inbox is as simple as hitting send, right?


More accurately, yes, but…

There are a few steps that come into play before that happens. If done correctly, then it is as simple as hitting send.

The Deliverability Formula: 5 Steps to Reach the Inbox

Our team of experts has compiled years of experience into a new guide sure to help you thrive with email marketing. If you’re not seeing the results you desire, or even if you just want to see your Return On Investment grow, these five steps will help you get there.

Step 1: Define the Private Domain Best Suited For Your Business

The address from which you do your email marketing is important.

Aside from helping your email deliverability, it also factors into security issues as well.

Not only that, but a private domain commands respect that a Gmail, Yahoo, etc. address does not.

Our new guide provides resources to help you do this … and that’s just step one.

Step 2: Authenticate Your Emails By Adding A Sender Policy Framework Record

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Records identify which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain.

If that sounds complicated, it’s not. Think about it like when you look through the peephole in a door. You want to make sure the person on the other side is who they say they are.

SPF Records are email marketing’s version of that.

Step 3: List Verification

Verifying your list doesn’t mean you didn’t have a good list to begin with. It’s improving upon what you already have and eliminating human error.

List verification helps you remove email addresses that are no longer active, due to individuals changing jobs or addresses. It’s also dropping the ones that were typed incorrectly when they subscribed.

This process can help your deliverability and even reduce costs, as you won’t want to pay to send to invalid email addresses.

Step 4: Craft Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

Subject lines are your first impression.

They’re a major factor in what determines whether or not your email will be opened. If you know how to write them, you’re on your way to better email marketing just from this step alone.

This guide shows you how.

Step 5: Apply the Best Content and Design Tactics to Avoid Spam Filters

What you write in your email and how you put it together also play a role in the delivery of your emails.

It’s simple things like knowing certain words or phrases to avoid or the best practices for using images.

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