Want to make your blog content richer, build more internal links, expand your reach, and attract more views? You can achieve all of this and more by gathering key insights from industry experts and thought leaders to include in your blog posts.

No matter what you’re writing about, gathering information, statistics, and opinions from experts can make your blog posts much more engaging for readers. Influential experts can also promote your posts and help expand your audience, so you get the most out of every blog post you create.

Fortunately, it’s also simple to start gathering insights. Here’s a guide on how to get high-quality insights to enhance your blog content.

Why Your Blog Posts Need Expert Insights  

Imagine that you’re writing a blog post about the best equipment to use in the kitchen. While it might make a list of excellent points and list some attractive products, readers are less likely to be impressed if it’s seen as merely the opinion of a single blogger.

Now imagine that you write a similar post that includes opinions from top chefs from around the world. All of a sudden, the information provided would appear more valuable and legitimate since it’s coming from experienced experts.

In addition to that, the experts that contributed to the blog post are also likely to promote it via social media. That means that the blog would gain a significant boost in viewership, resulting in an uptick in customer conversions and sales for your business.

While you might not get Gordon Ramsay to comment on your article, many experienced chefs and restaurateurs would be happy to give their input. Not to mention the thousands of cooking influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels who would give you their thoughts and insights in exchange for promotion.

How  Much Can Adding Insights Improve Your Blog Posts?  

While it’s easy to say that adding expert insights to your blog articles will make them more interesting and engaging for readers, it’s not simply anecdotal. Statistics also prove the value of gathering insights for your blog posts.

The 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study by Edelman and LinkedIn found that 88% of B2B decision-makers asserted that strong thought leadership content significantly improves a company’s reputation and leads to higher sales.

The promotional benefits are also significant. A survey from Twitter showed that 49% of respondents relied on product recommendations from influencers, and 40% purchased something after seeing it promoted by a trusted influencer on Twitter.

That means that even getting a popular influencer or blogger to contribute to and promote your blog content can swiftly boost your customer acquisition. Over time, you’ll build strategic partnerships with these people, resulting in further success for your brand and theirs.

How to Get High-Quality Insights to Enhance Your Blog Content  

Various strategies can help you gather high-quality insights from thought leaders for your blog posts. Some methods work better than others, and you might even want to try multiple strategies.

One approach is to simply link to existing statistics and opinions from thought leaders. With that said, this is less original, and you’ll be missing out on the promotion you’d get by building partnerships.

Contacting industry experts and influencers via email or social media is another great approach. Many would be happy to offer their insight in exchange for a link to their website, blog, or social media pages. You could also send out requests via LinkedIn and Facebook groups, especially in groups related to your industry.

The drawback of reaching out to experts yourself is that it can sometimes take time to get a response, and you might not get a wide range of responses. Fortunately, you can use your website and email marketing to gather a wide range of responses.

Gathering High-Quality Insights Automatically  

Creating a page on your website for experts to contribute insights is the best way to enrich your blog content with input from thought leaders.

The process is simple. All you have to do is provide the title of your upcoming article and a basic summary of what the article is about. You can then link to a Google Form allowing industry experts to offer their thoughts and opinions.

You can even ask for responses via an email newsletter and encourage people to sign up for alerts when new topics are posted. After networking and building a list of industry experts, you can send out requests for the insights you need and get a wide range of responses.

As a result, you’ll enrich all of your blog articles with valuable insights from thought leaders. You’ll also build valuable new partnerships and expand your reach as these experts can share your completed articles with their followers.

Adding high-quality insights to your blog content will strengthen your brand reputation, your content strategy and help you gain more customers. Additionally, building partnerships with influential thought leaders can help you reach a wider audience, potentially leading to new customers and more revenue.

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