There are practical strategies built into most ESPs of which many marketers are not taking advantage. One such strategy is A/B Testing. What this strategy does is give you a window into the minds of your subscribers and see how they are most likely to engage with your email campaigns.

Probably the most common A/B Test is a subject line split test. It’s your email campaign’s first impression and your best shot at getting opens. How important is your subject line? Check out these stats:

What Can I A/B Test Besides Subject Lines?

A subject line A/B test is just the start. We recently sat down to discuss many other A/B tests that you can attempt. Here’s what we said:

In An A/B Test, Why Is It Important To Only Test One Element At A Time?

Now that you’ve got an idea of the various types of A/B tests that you can execute, it’s important to know how to test. Patience is key, as it’s imperative you only test one thing at a time.