We can think of dozens of ways to promote a dance workshop via email newsletter, and we’ll admit that using the words “Justin Bieber” probably make it easier to get people in the door. But the Justin Bieber shout out isn’t why we chose the Sunshine Studios newsletter for our Best Event Promotion award: it’s the clean layout, disciplined use of text and simple directions for landing a spot at a coveted event.

As a bit of background, Sunshine Studios is a UK-based dance and performing arts company with studios in Manchester, Liverpool and other places. The business routinely sends out newsletters about upcoming workshops, which focus on everything from ballet to break dancing. When a major dance instructor drops in to teach a class, it’s a big deal, so email is used to electrify the studio’s base.

The email we’ve highlighted has all the effective elements needed to promote an event. Exciting photos. A hot font. Lots of white space and a section that tells you who, what, where, when and why. And even though “The Biebs” gives this email an added dose of potency, this invite would stand alone even without the teen’s star power, which is why this newsletter wins our Best Event Promotion honors.

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作者 Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez, publicist for Benchmark Email, is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times, the co-author of three books, and an award-winning freelance writer with work published in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN.com and other high-profile outlets.