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Omedetou! Welcome to the Party!

Honor Your Subscribers with Japanese Coming of Age Day Templates

Japanese Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day, has been recognized in various forms for over one thousand years. It is a day to honor young men and women who turn 20 between April of the past year and March of the current one. Previously in history, young men reached the age of adulthood at 15, girls at only 13. The official age was set at 20 in 1876.

At 20-years-old in Japan, a citizen is officially recognized as being subject to adult laws, having the right to vote and the right to both imbibe and purchase alcohol. It goes without saying that it is a festive occasion. It is also the busiest time of year for tailors, photo studios, and beauty parlors. Women will wear furisode kimonos (long-sleeved kimonos opposed to the short sleeves worn by married women) and men will wear either business suits or perhaps don a kimono as well. Until 2000 the holiday was celebrated on January 15. It is now held on the second Monday of January.

Welcome your young Japanese subscribers to adulthood or celebrate with their proud parents with these Benchmark Email Coming of Age Day email templates!

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