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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I integrate Benchmark with Flickr?

Personalize your email marketing campaigns with this simple integration. Add your Flickr photos to any email with just a few clicks of your mouse. Share your photos with your friends and subscribers, publicize company events, enliven your newsletters and spread the fun with one of the most widely used and beloved image hosting sites on the net. Access Flickr via your Benchmark Image Gallery, for free!

To integrate:
  1. On Step 3 “Editor” of your email creation, click on the Image Block where you would like to add your Flickr image.
  2. Click on the Flickr option form the top-menu.

  3. On the Flickr pop-up, log in to your Yahoo account and authorize Benchmark to access your Flickr images.

  4. Select the desired image and click the Insert button to add it to your email campaign.


  • If you are not able to view the Flickr pop-up, this could be due to a pop-up blocker on the  browser you are using. Please locate the “blocked popup” icon on your browser to enable Benchmark’s pop-ups. 

         ◦    You can choose to enable once or continuously.

  • Images must have been added in your Flickr account for them to be visible with the Benchmark Integration. If you have already connected to Flickr (Yahoo) and your images do not load, try toggling to another tab and then back to FLickr tab, this should load the images.

  • The gray “disconnect” bar indicates that you have successfully connected Flickr with Benchmark. If you have already disconnected from Flickr (Yahoo) and the images are still in your gallery, try to toggle to another tab and then back to the Flickr tab, you should again see the non-connected state.

To Disconnect the Flickr and Benchmark Integration, please follow steps below.

  1. Same as integrating, go to the Step 3 in the email creation process. 

  2. Then open up the Image Section, and click on Browse for a file

  3. Now, click on the Flickr Integration

  4. In the bottom of the Pop up you will see the following text:
 In case you wish to remove the Flickr integration or disconnect, click here

  5. Click on Click here

  6. This will redirect you to Flickr Apps page.
  7. Select Remove Permission?

Then agree to revoke permissions to the Benchmark Email application, and select REVOKE PERMISSIONS

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

Previous Interface

  1. On Step 4 of your Email Editor, click on the Image option in your Insert Additional Elements panel

  2. In the Insert Image screen, select the Insert from Flickr tab

  3. Log in to your Yahoo account and authorize Benchmark Email to access Flickr images

  4. Select the desired image and click the Insert button to add it to your email campaign

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