Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Virtually every industry adopts and incorporates AI as it improves many processes and offers new ways of doing things. The following are examples of AI use in different sectors:

  • Autonomous vehicles like Tesla use AI to drive cars and identify obstructions to avoid collisions.
  • Devices, including smartphones and laptops, use AI for facial recognition to improve privacy and security.
  • eCommerce brands use AI to provide personalized shopping experiences to their customers and bolster sales.

AI has applications and uses in the marketing industry, and email marketing is no exception. It allows email marketers to create more engaging campaigns and, as a result, drive better results.

AI and Email Marketing

AI helps email marketers create more efficient campaigns. The technology uses customer data, including shopping history, online behavior, and habits, to derive valuable data insights. With these insights, email marketers can tailor their outreach to create personalized campaigns geared towards conversion.

AI Applications in Email Marketing

Email marketers can use AI technology in a few different ways. Below are some examples:

AI And Email Subject Lines

The first step to ensuring people read your email is to write a subject line that stands out. In the past, this meant hiring top copywriters to craft potential subject lines for each individual campaign. Then, the marketing team would have to experiment and analyze the results before choosing one with the best chance of driving results. 

However, with AI, marketers get extra help in generating perfect subject lines by analyzing the results of previous campaigns with help from AI. Generating such text-based results is due to the annotated texts that the AI models learn on. AI can tell you which email subject lines you’ve used in the past have yielded the best open rate. That way, when you’re putting together new campaigns, you can reuse subject lines or elements of successful subject lines to increase your open and engagement rate. 

AI And Email Content

Email marketers can also use AI to generate content for their marketing campaigns. By accessing copy written for past campaigns, images, blog excerpts, links, and other content, it can craft and optimize email copy that your target audience will find engaging.

Nothing is worse than writer’s block. And for some email marketers, it’s a daily plague. However, if you could use a tool that creates content for you, wouldn’t that be a huge load off? An excellent example is Benchmark Email’s AI-powered Smart Content feature. And the best part? Your audience won’t be able to tell the difference between AI-generated copy and human-written copy. 

AI And Retargeting

Email retargeting will help you increase conversions and generate more revenue. With email retargeting, website visitors who didn’t go through with their purchases are reminded about their interests through reminder and cart abandonment emails.

With AI, you can further improve the effectiveness of retargeting. AI will help you identify the best times to email potential customers who left your website before purchasing, so they can complete their purchase at a time that works for them.

AI And Personalization

In 2022 and beyond, personalized emails will be the norm rather than the exception. This is not surprising, as customers find them more engaging and are, therefore, more likely to take action from personalized emails than emails that are not personalized.

With AI, you can achieve more detailed email marketing personalization, which increases your email campaigns’ potential for success. Email marketers can now garner insights about customers, like their shopping history and engagement behaviors, and create emails that are personalized and based on these insights. 

AI Tools for Email Marketing

You can use numerous AI tools to ensure your email marketing campaigns generate great results. Here are some of them:


Phrasee is an email marketing tool that uses AI to craft subject lines with high open rates, clicks, and conversions.

The Seventh Sense

With Seventh Sense, you can determine the best time and frequency to send emails to your customers.

Drift Email

Drift email is an AI-powered email management tool. It routes emails from your subscribers to the person in your organization that is best equipped to respond.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is our excellent email marketing tool that improves and optimizes your campaigns for better conversions and business results. Plus, the new AI-powered Smart Content feature will take your email content to the next level, making it personalized and creative so it will delight and engage your subscribers. 

As a small business owner and email marketer who wants to create efficient campaigns and see great ROI from email marketing investment, you should include AI tools in your email marketing stack. Apart from the fact that they optimize your emails for better results, they are also cost-effective long-term, as they will save your team time.