Do you remember Captain Planet?

The famous line was “by your powers combined!”

In case you’re too young to remember, have blocked it out or simply never watched, here’s a refresher:

Each person’s powers individually had their strengths, but when combined was when the true heroism began.

It was true for that cartoon, but it’s even truer in our actual day to day lives.

Integrations Make us Great

We know that getting your work done requires many different web tools. In fact, the average business uses between 10 and 16 apps.

You have your email app, CRM, note-taking tool, cloud storage tool, team communication app, along with project management tools and various to-do lists. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get them all working in tandem.

Now that Benchmark Email has 1,000 integrations, you can choose your favorite tools and easily integrate them with Benchmark Email.

Benchmark Email now connects to 1,000 other web tools, thanks to our Zapier integration. With the workflow automation tool Zapier, you can set up your own codeless integrations called “Zaps.” These connections will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools and can dedicate more time to focus on creative or big picture tasks.

Integrate Your eCommerce Store

If you are using an eCommerce platform to sell through your website, you should have it connect to your email marketing account.

It’s one of the most effective ways to turn a one time purchaser into a repeat customer or even a brand evangelist.

When a customer makes a purchase, you can immediately follow up with a Thank You email.

That Thank You email can and should actually be the first of several emails that are triggered by the purchase. Future follow-up emails can offer related products or services that you may sell or even customer testimonials that will confirm they’ve made a great purchase or help them further understand how to put your goods or services to use.

You can even send an email when it may be time for that customer to re-up on your product or service. That helpful reminder will keep them coming back.

If they still haven’t made another purchase after that gentle nudge, you can try a little harder with a discount or another incentive to gain their repeat business.

This can all be easily set up and once and happen automatically, even months after the initial purchase, thanks to marketing automation.

Integrate Your Form Builders

You may be using lead capturing tools throughout your website and social media.

Those are valuable contacts that need to be followed up with. Integrating those forms with your email account just makes good sense.

Using automation, you can begin with a Welcome Email. This sets the tone with a warm welcome and lets your leads know what to expect.

From there, you can send Promotion Emails to turn those leads into customers. With a well-designed automated sequence of emails, you can send follow-ups based on if the leads opened the email, clicked on links or even visited specific pages on your website.

Integrate Your CRM

You’re using CRM to track all of the details, interactions and everything else that goes into your business relationship with your customers and leads.

It would be silly not to put all that information to use with email marketing.

Targeted, relevant content is always most effective with email marketing.

Use your CRM data to create segmented lists that enable you to send email campaigns to your customers that they want to receive, because it delivers values and answers their needs.

Boost Your Productivity with Popular Benchmark Email Integrations

No matter what other apps you use, chances are Benchmark Email integrates with them via Zapier. Here are some of the most popular integrations that Benchmark Email users already use to be more productive.

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your processes and find ways to boost productivity. Try out some of the Zaps above or view more ways to integrate Benchmark Email.