Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of modern digital advertising. It’s important both for startups and companies with many years of successful operations. With email marketing, you can attract new customers to your brand, boost customer retention, and even remind consumers about abandoned shopping carts or special offers.

However, you’ll need to leverage centralized email processes correctly to get the most out of email marketing. Today, let’s break down four major benefits of centralizing email processes and go over how you can centralize your email marketing step-by-step.

Decentralized Email Marketing – The Less Effective Standard

Although email marketing is supremely important in modern business, it is most often decentralized. Decentralized email marketing means that:

  • Different team members work on email marketing materials or campaigns at different stations and toward different low to medium-level goals.
  • Team members working on email marketing are geographically separated. For example, one person might work remotely while the other works in the office.
  • Marketing tasks are tackled by multiple people across departments, leading to disjointed and dysfunctional visions and campaigns. For example, customers might receive contradicting emails if marketing materials are sent by different departments or teams.

Why does this occur? In most cases, it’s because companies don’t dedicate enough thought and planning to their email marketing campaigns ahead of time. They treat email marketing as a secondary marketing channel when it can be very valuable for acquiring and retaining customers over the long term.

Benefits of Centralized Email Marketing

Centralized email marketing, on the other hand, involves bringing team members together and working toward shared marketing goals using similar processes, tools, and platforms.

There are lots of benefits to leveraging centralized email marketing in your organization. Here are a few of the advantages you might see after just a few weeks.

Improved Project Visibility

Firstly, centralized email marketing often leads to boosted project visibility. For project managers, that means managing email marketing campaigns or tasks will be a lot simpler. Delays will be easier to avoid, and team members will not work twice on the same marketing assignment or ad.

This is great in terms of sheer productivity. But it also helps your team members move away from any repetitive marketing tasks. Using centralized email processes ensures they can spend more time creating engaging, compelling email marketing content or targeting your core consumers more directly and effectively.

Better Time Management

Next, centralized email marketing often leads to better time management. If all your team members are using the same platforms and tools and leverage the same workflow processes, they’ll work better together and produce more work in the same timeframe as before.

Plus, that work will usually be higher in quality. Therefore, centralized email marketing can help you meet your marketing goals both in terms of ads put out and conversions. 

Shared Resources and Strategic Information

Overall, this ties into the main advantage: all resources and strategic marketing information are shared on a single platform or database. Your marketing team members will then have the same data to create ads, push the ads to target customers, and perform other email marketing tasks as necessary.

The benefits of this approach are multifaceted. For example, your team members can concentrate on specific parts of marketing workflows as needed. Or they can save money by getting rid of redundant or repetitive tasks in the workflow chain.

And, when all your email marketing employees share resources and strategic data, they’ll be more likely to come up with compelling email content. This, in turn, may improve the results of your email marketing campaign and lead to increased profits or better customer retention across the board.

Easier Achievement for Bigger Objectives

Last but not least, centralized email processes and organization could help you achieve massive marketing objectives more easily and regularly. When your email marketing team is organized, agile, and streamlined, that same team will be able to do great things every day.

It’s just a matter of leveraging human cooperation and collaborative talent. Practically all tasks are better done with an organized team working together rather than several employees working independently (and often at odds against each other).

How to Centralize Email Operations ASAP

Given the many advantages of centralized email marketing, there’s no reason not to implement it in your organization starting today. Here’s how you can centralize your email operations.

Outline Goals

First, you’ll need to outline the major goals of your marketing campaign. All email marketing should work toward a targeted goal or metric shift, such as improved customer retention, more page hits for your landing page, etc.

By outlining clear goals, your email marketing team will know how to direct their efforts and how best to leverage their shared resources. They’ll also know what words to avoid, who not to target, etc.

Identify Shared Spaces and Resources

Next, you’ll want to identify any shared spaces (such as software platforms or communication channels) plus resources your team can use. Your marketing team should have a common space to brainstorm and share ideas and data, either in person or remotely. Your team should also come up with a list of shared resources, such as ad copy, graphics, and so on. 

Map the Workflow

Any good team collaboration relies on a strong plan. Therefore, your email marketing squad should map out their current workflow. Action points and timelines must be highlighted, just like deliverables.

When you create a collaborative and centralized workflow, your team will be better able to assign the right people to different stages of the plan. For example, your centralized team can assign one or two people to create email advertisement copy, then another two people to work on building a recipient list or gathering email addresses from your target audience.

By making a workflow, your team will also know how long it takes to create first drafts of marketing emails or complete a single ad, etc. All of this is invaluable as your team gets up and running.

Leverage Collaborative Email Marketing and Automation Tools

Only now, when a plan has been made and your team has collaborated, should the team jump onto a single shared collaborative email marketing platform or software tool. You should also use automated tools to streamline your workflow and eliminate busy work when possible.

Use project planning, tools expense management software and time tracking tools, and even accounting software with expenses and receipt tracking to ensure that every aspect of the project is shared and overseen by the team’s leader.

Wrap Up

Centralized email processes are far superior to their decentralized counterparts. Centralized email marketing is more effective, leverages team resources more efficiently, and could significantly improve marketing results over time. Try centralized email processes today, and you’ll never want your team to go back to the way things were before.

Author Bio

Lee Li is a project manager from ShenZhen, China. She currently lives in Singapore and works as a B2B copywriter. She has a decade of experience in the Chinese fintech startup space as a PM for TaoBao, MeitTuan, and DouYin (now TikTok).