Emails are being opened and read on more devices than ever before. That shouldn’t be news to you. It’s been one of the top headlines in regards to email marketing for the past few years. That means your email could look differently to your various subscribers, depending on which device they’re viewing your email. In the past, this could create issues for some. For others, it meant tedious testing and time spent test viewing your email campaigns across as many devices possible. Well, now it’s an issue of the past!

That’s right. Benchmark is proud to introduce our brand new Inbox Checker. It’s a tool that will check your email campaigns across multiple devices for you. It’s super simple to use. Gone are the days of burdening everyone in your office with a different device with test emails.

Email Dashboard – Using The Inbox Checker Tool

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The Inbox Checker is a paid add-on service. It is $14.00 for 100 tests and is not a recurring payment. You’ll have to re-up for another 100 tests once you’ve used up the batch you purchased. While it is an additional service, our industry low price points still let you do big marketing on a modest budget. However, you can test on Gmail (Explorer) and Outlook 2003 … totally free! Those two are included with every Benchmark account.

Please note, this is a different feature than both our Inbox Preview and Spam Test in the editor. The Inbox Preview lets you know how it will look outside of the context of the email editor, but there still may be some variation from device to device. The Spam Test simply scans your email to see if there is any reason for it to be flagged as spam.