We just rolled out a new way to sell more of your Shopify products and services – Benchmark Email’s Shopify Sync.

 With our latest integration, you can easily send targeted, personalized emails to your Shopify customers. Staying top-of-mind and selling more, more frequently, has never been easier.

But how exactly does this sync help Benchmark Email users? Let’s take a look at all the eCommerce benefits that come with Benchmark Email’s Shopify Sync. 

Seamless List Integration for Effective Selling

Some may argue that your most important marketing asset is your email list, and growing your email list is a must. But wouldn’t it be nice if the channels used to grow your email list were magically synced? For Shopify and Benchmark Email users, it can be. 

Our Shopify Sync allows any customer segment in your Shopify account to be synced with a Benchmark Email list. As new customers are added to your Shopify segment, your contact list will be updated in Benchmark Email. With Shopify customers neatly and automatically up-to-date in your Benchmark Email lists, the sky’s the limit for customer outreach, engagement, and selling. 

Stronger Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Growing your slice of market share requires making room in buyers’ minds – and hearts. With Shopify Sync, you can be sure that all of your customers are included in your monthly newsletter campaign. Company highlights, monthly promos, employee spotlights, and more are effective newsletter components that build familiarity and trust with your brand. So, when your customers are ready to purchase, you can be sure you’ll be their go-to business.

5x the Return on Marketing Investment

According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation returns $5.44 for every dollar spent. Pairing Shopify with Benchmark Email’s Automation Pro marketing automation tool can instantly help your business increase sales. As new customers enter your Shopify customer segments, you can trigger personalized, targeted emails from Benchmark. Automatically send engaging emails that provide information and products your customers crave to increase your revenue and make sales while you sleep! 

Maximum Product Exposure 

Get even more out of the list-building power of Shopify Sync with Shopify Product Block. Shopify Product Block allows you to easily add your Shopify product listings to your emails. Showcase your products with every send to keep customers excited about your products and on the lookout for new items to add to their upcoming holiday wish lists. 

Ready to leverage email marketing to take Shopify sales to the next level? It’s quick and easy to set up Shopify Sync – head over to the knowledge base to learn how.