I love the thought of beautiful orange and crimson leaves falling on the sidewalk, but I do fear that they might be covering spilled Halloween chocolates that my puppy will surely find. And if you don’t know it, I’m going to tell you now: chocolate can be lethal for your dog.

So on a grumpy day, when I’m finding fault in really positive things, I’m more inclined to rip your email newsletter for seemingly innocuous faults.

Cheer Up. Here’s Dessert

Sweet. I’ve been sent a deal on frozen yogurt! I love me some of that slightly-less-bad-for-me-good-tasting-stuff. So let’s have a look:


Delicious picture? Check.
Double my money? Check.
30 miles away? Nope.

But I already wrote about the importance of targeting your emails by location, so let’s move on and read the details.

Um, Excuse Me Genius Copywriter, It’s Fall Now…

“Imagine a perfect day at the beach: Beaming sun, big waves, and best friends.

What!?! This email promotion would have been perfect… two months ago. I don’t know, maybe in summer? And don’t tell me all Southern Californians go to the beach year round. I walk my dog on the beach there four times a week. It’s only really motivated surfers and really unmotivated drum circle musicians there these days.

This Summer Ain’t Endless

Maybe someone wants to keep summer going a little longer, but today I’m wearing a sweater. It’s been raining. Isn’t there a Halloween tie-in here? If not, fast forward. Talk to me about white chocolate yogurt. Paint a winter wonderland scene. I might go for that. Besides, I heard that white chocolate is supposed be slightly less lethal to dogs anyway.


作者 Paul Rijnders

Paul Rijnders is the Product Strategy Manager for Benchmark Email, where his focus includes product development, research, technical writing, feature development, testing and launching of SaaS products and iOS apps that interact with our software via API. He is the human junction between the executive and marketing teams that request the product, the IT team that builds the back end, the design team that creates the front end, the content team that gives the product a voice and the eager sales and support teams who will eventually take delivery of the product. Paul is a product of the CSUF advertising program, He now rounds out his schedule teaching college level courses to multi-media undergrads on two California campuses.