SAINT LOUIS, MO, Aug 2, 2022– Benchmark Email, a subsidiary of Polaris Software LLC, today announced the release of Smart Content, the second in their new suite of artificial intelligence features. 

Smart Content is Benchmark Email’s AI-fueled copywriting technology that allows users to create professional content from scratch, or rewrite existing content, with a few simple inputs. 

“We see AI as the future of sales and marketing software. Time is a precious resource, and marketers need a way to create compelling content quickly,” says Polaris CEO Jonathan Herrick. “Smart Content gives Benchmark Email users the tools they need to accomplish their goals and stand out in the inbox so they can focus energy on building relationships and growing their businesses.” 

With users spanning across verticals, Smart Content technology is uniquely suited to meet the needs of marketers no matter the objective – ecommerce, B2B, B2C. Smart Content is available in both free and paid Benchmark Email subscriptions.

“I was really skeptical when I was told about the Smart Content technology. But then I saw it in action. It took something I thought I wrote pretty well and made it much more impactful,” says Benchmark Email user David Lopez of Antiphon Consulting. 

The release of Smart Content follows the launch of Smart Sending in spring of 2022. Smart Sending is Benchmark Email’s backend machine learning technology that intelligently identifies unengaged contacts and instead targets a user’s most engaged audience to improve overall deliverability and sending reputation. 

“We’re encouraged by the results we’ve seen for our customers since the launch of Smart Sending. Post-launch data has so far shown a 50% increase in global email open rate and a 33% decrease in ISP-related bounces for Benchmark Email customers,” says Polaris Chief Technology Officer, Matt Rhodes. 

Polaris Software’s future roadmap includes several additional features in their suite of Smart tools including everything from AI-powered design to predictive sending and more. 

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This press release was originally published on PR Newswire. See the full release here.