Email marketing for enterprise businesses differs from email marketing for small business owners. There are unique needs and concerns due to the high volume of contacts involved and email correspondence that will take place between you and your target audience, and internal communications as well.

As an enterprise business, how do you market to your target audience at scale without falling prey to the negative abyss associated with bulk emails? Read on for tips and strategies to make your enterprise email marketing successful.

Let’s start by addressing your unique email marketing needs.

The Unique Email Marketing Needs Enterprise Businesses Face 

List Building

As an enterprise business, you have an extensive list that runs into tens of thousands and will only keep growing. Hence, to keep your email marketing agile and scalable, you’re looking for an email marketing solution that can manage large data sets and contact information and lets you scale as your list grows.

Also, the email marketing solution should have easy-to-use features that you can use as part of your list-growing activities to keep adding to your contact lists for improved engagement and conversions.

Target Audience Focus

Although you desire growth for your enterprise, it should not be at the expense of your target audience. This you understand as an enterprise business, and that’s why you want an email marketing service that helps you focus on the needs of your target audience and subscribers.

It’s crucial that your email marketing software allows you to incorporate an approach rooted in engaging and relevant content for your target audience. This means being able to personalize content to your contacts at scale so you can move away from sounding generic.

Audience Base Segmentation

For content to be relevant to your target audience, paying attention to your contacts’ unique features and attributes is essential. You want an email service that makes it easy for you to identify subgroups within your contacts.

Managing your contacts effectively and creating groups using attributes informed by buyer personas is step number one in sending optimized, relevant email campaigns. Grouping your subscribers is most commonly known as segmenting your email list, and in order to do it effectively, you’ll want to collect first-party data via online forms.

Marketing Automation

Because of your extensive contact list, you can’t afford to carry out repetitive tasks manually. As a result, it would benefit you to look for an email service that lets you automate repetitive email correspondence using pre-defined attributes or specified actions of leads and prospects.

So, if subscribers visit certain pages of your website or download a piece of content, you can set up triggers that will ensure automatic follow-up or nurture is sent that aligns with those actions. 

Reliable Customer Support

Due to a large number of contacts and marketing scale, you want an email marketing solution. Having reliable customer support that responds quickly to queries and technical issues that you may experience will ensure your efforts don’t miss a beat, and your strategy stays on course, no matter what obstacle is in your way.  

Tips For Addressing the Unique Email Marketing Needs of Enterprise Businesses

List Building Tips and Solutions

To keep growing your list as an enterprise, take advantage of your email platform’s lead generation and lead capture features. 

Benchmark Email lets you capture new subscribers with popups, sign-up forms that you can embed on your website, and landing pages using a drag-and-drop landing page builder.

For effective lead-capturing, accompany these options with an offer – a coupon or discount to encourage prospects to opt into your list. When subscribers opt in, they know exactly what they’re signing up for, which means they’ll want to hear from you and be more engaged. Engaged subscribers are very important, as inactive or dormant contacts can negatively affect your deliverability

Our tool helps do this heavy lifting for you. With Benchmark Email, your contacts are periodically checked to determine which are dormant. When Smart Sending is enabled, dormant contacts are automatically removed from your email send, so their inactivity doesn’t lead to penalizations for you in the future. 

List Segmentation Tips

Marketers saw a 14.31% increase in email open rates and 100% more clicks for email campaigns when they employed segmentation. 

As an enterprise with an extensive list, your subscribers are different individuals with different needs at different stages in the buyer journey. Using the same broad messaging for all your contacts takes you to the hit-and-miss type of email marketing. For conversion-focused email marketing, you must create sub-groups from your list using attributes that tie your contacts to your buyer personas.

In Benchmark Email, you can segment your contacts using demographics and other attributes that appeal to you, helping you create content relevant to each group in your email campaigns.

Target Audience Focus Tips

Informed by insights from segmentation, you can begin to create customer-centric email content that is relevant to your audience using personalized content. Will you create separate emails for each segment in your extensive contact list? No.

With dynamic content, you can focus on each segment of your target audience by populating just one Email with personalized content relevant to each segment in your audience base using set parameters. You send just one Email, but the content differs for each contact segment.

Furthermore, take advantage of free email templates to quickly create emails for different purposes and easy-to-use editors to customize these to your enterprise business branding. Creating branded emails from scratch can be herculean, but with templates, you can get creative with how you present your message to your audience.

Marketing Automation Tips

Beyond creating automated workflows for different purposes to simplify your enterprise email marketing, you can use automation to enhance focus on your target audience and personalization.

Create automated event-based emails, especially for dates and events that matter to your audience. This can be birthdays, national holidays, or the anniversary of being a subscriber/customer to your business.

Also, keep the engagement going by setting up automated email responses using subscriber activities and interactions within sent emails as triggers. Automated responses keep communication lines open and make your enterprise relatable and personable for your audience.

Enterprise marketing comes with its unique concerns and needs. With Benchmark Email, you can address all your concerns and meet your needs while saving time and resources and getting better results. Click here to sign up for a free account.