Spring ahead, fall backwards. That I can always remember. What it means is a totally different story. It seems like twice a year I have to figure out whether I have turn the clocks back an hour or move them ahead. Mostly I’m concerned about whether I’m losing or gaining an hour of sleep. Gratefully, on Sunday November 7, 2010, I will enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Thanks, Daylight Savings Time!

Some people have an inner alarm clock that wakes them up at the exact time every day. These people can’t even enjoy the extra hour of sleep if they tried. Here are a few ideas for what to do with your extra hour if you can’t sleep in.

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– Make a breakfast feast

– Take the dog for a long walk

-Catch up on some TV

-Get to work on time (this might be the only day of the year this happens for some)

-Use your favorite email marketing software

Sample subject lines:

– Don’t forget to set your clocks back this Nov. 7

– [Your company], reminding you to fall back this Nov. 7

– Extra sleep! Fall back this Nov. 7

– What to do with your extra hour this Nov. 7

– How to enjoy your extra hour this Nov. 7