At Benchmark Email, we go all out to ensure the success of your email campaigns. We’ve built reliable email marketing tools that streamline your email campaigns from creation and launch, right through to tracking and optimization.  

Beyond that, we keep on analyzing your email marketing pain points to find integrations that solve these specific problems. In this article, we’ll discuss the best four Benchmark Email integrations to show you how they can orchestrate and transform data and processes to improve your email campaigns. 


Email is a critical step on the path to purchase. On average, email accounts for 21% of online shoppers that visit your Shopify store. However, driving all these visitors to your store using email – and converting interest to sales – is the tough part. You have to send numerous email campaigns such as win-back, cross-selling, abandoned cart, welcome series, and more. Not to mention continually growing your email list. 

Juggling all of these tasks can be time-consuming. Our Shopify integration eliminates mundane tasks, saving you more time to focus on managing your store. First, it lets you add customers to your lists with ease. You can configure Benchmark email to automatically pull data from Shopify and add it to a predetermined list. 

We know that 24% of email marketers, especially those in the eCommerce sector, grapple with poor email performance. Our Shopify integration helps mitigate this problem. You don’t need additional tools or resources to bring your campaigns to life. With Benchmark email, you have configurable templates to suit your campaigns. The templates are pre-built with user engagement in mind to expedite the campaign creation process.  

Beyond that, you’ll get to use our unique Shopify Product Block feature. This feature lets you promote or sell products directly from your Benchmark emails. Check out our Shopify Product Block guide to learn how to make the most of the feature. 


Email deliverability is critical to the success of your campaigns. Sadly, 37% of email marketers still struggle to reach the right deliverability levels. One of the problems that hurts deliverability is high bounce rates, which we solve with our Kickbox integration

Kickbox is a robust email verification platform that helps you weed out incomplete and invalid emails from your list. It works in unison with Benchmark Email to drive better email performance. 

Kickbox cleans your list and prompts you to notify your prospects to change their details. This helps maintain a clean list, which ultimately leads to higher deliverability. It’s the perfect complement to the pre-built email templates in Benchmark Email. With your updated lists at the ready, you can create content with high engagement, using email automations to scale your campaigns and drive sales.


While there are several reasons why email engagement dwindles, poor personalization is often the root cause. In other words, if you’re struggling with poor email engagement, you need to polish up your personalization strategy. 

Our Jotform integration helps you refine your personalization to improve email engagement. How? Jotform helps you gather important information about your customers. The data is then automatically added to the Benchmark Email list to build more complete customer profiles. 

Data-rich customer profiles lay the groundwork necessary for hyper-personalization. You’ll have more data to qualify and categorize your prospects based on predefined aspects. Beyond that, understanding your customers helps create content that resonates with their needs. This way, you’ll send the right content to the right audience, thus improving email engagement. 

Google Sheets

Google Sheets have so many uses in the marketing landscape. Email marketers use this handy tool to import customer data or analyze survey data gathered through Google Forms. The goal of these surveys is to inform your email campaigns, and that means you have to pull the survey results and analyze them in the email marketing software. 

We’ve simplified the Google Sheet – Benchmark Email integration to remove manual processes. We’re taking away the human error aspects that may ultimately decrease the effectiveness of your email campaigns, and no setup is required to get the integration up and running. 

Once the two are in sync, you don’t have to collect survey data manually and import it to Benchmark Email for analysis. Instead, Benchmark Email automatically pulls the data, making it easy for you to explore it. 

Make the Most of These Integrations

At Benchmark, we’re passionate about making your life easier and helping you to run successful email marketing campaigns. That’s why we’re cherry-picking the best integrations to streamline email marketing, and we’ll continue adding similar integrations. You can make the most of available integrations when you sign up for Benchmark Email for free.