It’s no secret that we love email marketing. There are many reasons to love it, but a big one is how impressive the return can be. Email can generate 3,600% ROI when done right (unbelievable, right?), making it a highly effective yet affordable medium for most brands. With very little risk, email marketing is a standout marketing strategy compared to most out there. 

For the travel and tourism industry, this is important. COVID-19 has hit this industry hard the past few years, so utilizing marketing channels that require very little investment is a must. And if these channels can promise substantial return, well, that’s even better. 

With summer in full swing, we’d like to take this time to highlight some impressive and inspiring emails from noted brands within the travel and tourism industry. Let’s take a look at the types of emails these brands are using to attract, nurture, and convert prospective travelers. 

1. Welcome Email

Welcome emails present an excellent opportunity to generate interest and move prospective travelers down the marketing funnel. They are often used as part of an automated series, delivered to potential customers when they sign up for a newsletter or join your email list

The time period immediately after someone signs up for email marketing is typically when they are the most eager to learn more about the brand. Besides providing more details about the business, the welcome email is an opportunity to remind customers to set their preferences to receive custom offers, or complete an aspect of their profile, like this example from Airbnb. 



We’re all familiar with this lodging and tourism brand, and chances are you’ve used them before. What’s different about Airbnb is that it also brings people together, so each user having a robust profile is important. Airbnb wastes no time encouraging users to provide this information so they can get the most out of their services. They also use this welcome email to highlight some of the unique perks that come with using them, like the opportunity to stay at truly unique spaces like igloos and treehouses.

2. Promo/Offer Email

Once someone subscribes, while they may be eager to learn more, they may not be ready to immediately pull the trigger on a purchase. They need to learn more about your company and offerings. 

A few days after the welcome email, send an email that gives the traveler a reason to purchase by presenting them with an offer or promo. This email from Sesame Place shows a promotion for the season pass membership and highlights specific reasons why becoming a pass member is worth it. By outlining the perks, it’s giving readers a reason to click to learn more and purchase the membership.


3. Confirmation Email

Once a traveler makes a booking, follow up with their trip details in a confirmation email so they have everything they need and can access it easily. This will help ensure everything goes smoothly for them on the day of their travel, and they’ll be grateful that you gave them one less thing to worry about. 

Include clear details about the scheduled travel in the confirmation email. In addition, you could include complimentary offers or deals that the customer may like based on their preferences. After all, they decided to go with your brand over numerous others out there, so showing them you appreciate them with a deal will go a long way. 

This confirmation email from Delta is simple, which is perfect for a confirmation email that includes flight information. There’s no need to stuff unnecessary information, design, or images in these kinds of emails because it could potentially cloud the important details and confuse the recipient. 


4. Reminder Email

Engagement with customers doesn’t end with the confirmation email. When it gets closer to the scheduled trip, sending a reminder email with details and additional information is always a good decision. 

People are busy and sometimes wait until the last minute to pack and plan for their upcoming trips (guilty as charged!) By sending a reminder email that incoludes information to help the traveler make better decisions, like what to pack and bring, is a creative way to say, “Hey, it’s time to get ready for your trip!” 

This email from Vacasa includes details about when the room will be ready, as well as a weekly forecast so the traveler can pack everything needed. 



We love the thoughtfulness and creativity. Make sure your reminder emails include any scheduling updates, weather forecasts, bad weather warnings, travel guides, or details about what the traveler should expect on the trip. It might also be a good idea to also include any COVID protocols your area is practicing. 

5. Milestone Email

Nothing is better than building a long-lasting relationship with a customer. In the travel and tourism industry, that’s especially important since there are so many other brands and options for travelers to use. 

Make sure you gather details about your customers so you can send them milestone emails. Ask them why they’re booking with you (wedding anniversary, honeymoon, birthday celebration, etc.) You can track this information and send them a milestone email a year later with a promo to book with you again. This lets them know you want to help them celebrate their important moments year after year.  

This email from HotelTonight highlights all the says their customer had the past year, their perks, and their favorite stays. It also opens with the opportunity to “make more memories.” 


6. Thank You Email

When the stay, vacation, or travel is over, send your customer a thank you email to show that you appreciate them for booking with you. This is also an opportunity to increase customer retention with an exclusive offer or deal. 

You could also ask the traveler to rate how much they enjoyed the experience or gather more detailed feedback to help deliver a better experience next time. See how Airbnb did this with their simple customer survey email below: 



Keep Travelers Engaged Via Email

As you can see, there are so many opportunities for the travel and tourism industry to utilize email and create a positive customer experience. To keep travelers engaged, use a consistent email marketing strategy rooted in personalization, with the occasional promo thrown in. 

Quality email marketing software, like Benchmark Email, helps you drive personalization and engagement through the entire customer journey. If you’re in the travel and tourism industry and looking for an email automation tool that helps you send emails like the ones mentioned above, sign up for a free plan today