Are you knocking it out of the park with your email campaigns? Any marketer would rarely answer yes to that question. No matter what your strategy looks like or how effective you think they are, email marketing mistakes happen, and results, open rates, and conversions can always be improved. 

There are different types of emails, and the ones you end up creating matter. If you aren’t sending emails your audience finds relevant, they’ll disengage and possibly unsubscribe altogether, which can affect your deliverability over time. An effective email marketing strategy goes a lot deeper than just a casual message to your email lists once in a while to let them know you’re still around. If you want to create emails that engage, delight, and convert, you need to be diversifying your efforts with emails that span a range of formats, purposes, and frequencies. This includes creating emails that cater to the various email lists in your arsenal. 

So avoid rapid unsubscribes and uninterested audience members. Below are six essential types of marketing emails you should be incorporating into your email strategy, and why they’re beneficial for not only you but your email subscribers as well. 

1. Newsletters

Opt-in email newsletters are crucial for building brand awareness and loyalty, and a great opportunity for marketing teams of all sizes to increase engagement with their audience. Whether you send newsletters weekly, monthly, or just once a quarter, use them to provide a round-up of your most recently published content, as well as a place to highlight any new promotions, offers, or events.

Why they’re great: Think of your email newsletters as hubs that can direct subscribers to other valuable digital resources. A well-done newsletter will drive more traffic to your website, grow your social media community, and increase your sales. Not too shabby for what some consider to be the most basic form of email marketing.

2. Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a type of email marketing campaign that rolls out targeted content to your subscribers to gently guide them along the sales funnel. We recommend having segmented lists for prospects in each stage of the buyer’s journey so you can reach out to them with resources that answer their unique questions and needs. This adds a level of personalization that will delight your prospects. And because they’re automatic, drip campaigns save you time in the long run. 

Why they’re great: Drip campaigns are incredibly useful when it comes to staying top of mind with your audience. They help you effectively follow-up with and re-engage prospects who might have gotten distracted somewhere along the funnel. They also help ensure that the content you put a lot of work into creating (blog posts, webinars, infographics, guides, etc.) actually ends up in front of who it’s intended for.

3. Transactional Emails

Marketing doesn’t stop at the point of sale. Transactional emails, which include digital receipts, shipping confirmations, and personalized post-sale product recommendations, deliver relevant information to your customers while also giving you a leg up when it comes to getting them to keep coming back again and again. 

Why they’re great: Transactional emails fill in many of the gaps that often result in people becoming one-time customers. On top of providing need-to-know information, they also increase customer engagement and build trust — both of which are essential if you want to keep your customers around.

4. News Updates

It’s okay to toot your own horn! News update emails call attention to anything exciting that’s going on with your company. Next time you win a big award, have an upcoming conference that your CEO will be speaking at, or secured additional funding, let your subscribers know about it. It helps contribute to your brand authority and continues to secure their faith in your partnership. 

Why they’re great: With all of the competition out there, it makes sense to use email marketing as a way to increase brand integrity and authority, and news updates do just that. For the best outcomes, send them only when something big happens — everything else can be mentioned in a newsletter.

5. Milestones

If you’re using a CRM, then chances are you’re monitoring key information about your customers, like their birthdays or anniversaries. So why not put all of that data to use with milestone emails? These creative and personalized campaigns recognize important occasions to drive conversions and make your customers feel appreciated.

Why they’re great: You know your customers matter, but they need to know too. Milestone emails remind your subscribers that you care, and can include assets like personalized coupon codes that lead to future purchases.

6. Promo/Offer Emails

Everyone loves a good deal, and promotional emails are just the vehicle to share your most recent exciting offer or a new product. Why? Well, email marketing is one of the easiest ways to share deals and offers with your audience because they’re already enrolled and engaged with your messages. And, they’re a great way to get more eyes on a newly released piece of content, like a whitepaper or guide. After all, why create something if you’re not going to show it off? So, include a link to a promo piece or landing page of a newly released gated piece of content.  You can even try some a/b testing with these promotional emails by changing up the copy for the call-to-action, which can tell you what messaging was more successful. 

Why they’re great: These types of emails get more eyes on your most valuable marketing campaigns and content and can inspire thought and conversions that might not have otherwise happened.

So, change up your email marketing this year. Introduce a few new types of email messages and email templates into your marketing campaigns and see how well they engage. Keep track of your results, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your approach. If you stick with it, you’ll not only delight your existing subscribers, but you could see an uptick in new subscribers as well. If you ever get stuck, look into some email marketing services out there that can help you get to where you need to go and send great emails.