Before sales happen, your brand needs to nurture a relationship with prospects. A great way to establish relationships with your leads—and build toward successful sales—is through email marketing and landing pages.

A client-first approach makes prospects feel valued, especially in a world where other businesses are solely focused on sales and conversions. With email marketing, you can provide your subscribers with valuable content, and landing pages can help with generating more conversions from your email marketing campaigns.

So, what are landing pages, and how do they help with email marketing success? Read on to find out.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are specific pages on your website that prospects visit by following a call to action in an email or from one of your social media posts. Unlike a website, it is a single page that is focused on a single message and/or call to action.

When you need your prospects to take specific actions like downloading an ebook, registering for a webinar, or taking advantage of limited offers, a landing page is an excellent tool for getting your audience to take action. With it, you can drive traffic to specific pages that expound on the action you want your audience to take.

Landing pages are conversion-focused. They achieve this because each landing page focuses primarily on one action, which converts prospects to leads or leads to buying customers, depending on the goal of the landing page. It also eliminates all distractions by focusing on a single CTA, making it easy to keep the attention of the page visitor.

Why are Landing Pages Beneficial for Engagement?

Well-curated and relevant content is great for nurturing prospects and keeping subscribers engaged via email marketing. However, your campaigns can only be successful if you can get your audience to take action, which in turn helps achieve marketing goals.

To keep the engagement going and make email campaigns successful, you need to direct your email subscribers to where they can take action, and this is where landing pages come into the picture. With landing pages, you can keep the engagement going while increasing conversions.

Apart from persuasive copy and single CTAs, landing pages eliminate distractions by leaving out header and footer links that may take subscribers away from the page. That way, your audience is focused on the CTA of your email marketing campaign.

Unlike websites where you can only have one business website, you can have as many landing pages as needed. The best practice is to create a landing page for each email marketing campaign and to create several pages if there are multiple CTAs you want your audience to take. Companies with 10-12 landing pages saw a 55% increase in leads.

Just like you’re able to segment your audience and target different segments with email marketing, you can continue the trend for best conversions with landing pages. Create multiple landing pages for the same CTA, targeted and optimized for different segments of your contacts list.

How to Use Landing Pages in Email Campaigns

Since email marketing is one of the best marketing channels, and landing pages are conversion-optimized versions of web pages, using both increases your chances of netting higher conversion rates. 

Here are some examples of how you can utilize landing pages with your email marketing campaigns:

  • Include a link in welcome emails to a landing page detailing what the new subscriber can expect from you.
  • Create a dedicated “thank you for subscribing” landing page to open lines of communication after successful email opt-ins.
  • Depending on your marketing campaign, create a “catch-up” landing page for subscribers who missed the previous series of ongoing informational/lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Create a landing page for a specific offer your company has, linking to it from your promotional marketing emails that detail the offers. The landing page can include additional information, such as the terms and conditions.
  • Create a landing page to address buyer fears and objections as part of promotional marketing emails to boost conversions. Doing this alone can increase your conversion rates by 80%.
  • 48% of marketers build new landing pages for each email marketing campaign. For every email marketing campaign, create a landing page for that campaign where subscribers can go as a one-stop place for all the essential details.

You can also use landing pages as part of your email marketing campaigns to achieve the following:

  • Provide an extensive explanation beyond your email copy
  • Provide your email recipients with tip lists.
  • Provide additional shipping information.
  • Upsell complementary products beyond what’s in your promotional emails.
  • To keep track of email marketing campaign effectiveness and to track click-throughs.
  • Provide separate pages with answers to common FAQs, which ease the burden of your customer support team.
  • Encourage content distribution and downloads by linking to dedicated landing pages from email campaigns.

Creating and Maximizing Landing Pages: Helpful Tips

Make the Landing Page Blend in With Your Email Design

Subscribers can get turned off if they visit your landing page and notice a big difference between the design on the landing page and what was displayed in their email. Ensure to be consistent across both channels, especially when encouraging content downloads.

Also, the look and feel should blend in perfectly with the rest of your website.

Include an Opt-In Form

Most likely, the people who visit your email landing pages will arrive at them directly from an email you sent to them. But other users may find it some other way; through a page in your archive, an email forwarded from a friend, or a general keyword search for your product.

You want to get new email subscribers if the opportunity presents itself, so put an opt-in form on every landing page. 

Our email marketing and lead generation tool offers custom forms and landing pages to grow your email list. Add your logo and text, choose the colors, and place it on your website. All the subscribers that come through your form are automatically added to your contacts list.

Easy Checkout

If you’re selling a product or service, your landing page should give your customers an easy and convenient way to purchase the promoted goods or services. Don’t waste this opportunity with complicated checkout processes. Give your landing page visitors a quick and easy way to buy for increased sales.

Don’t Skimp on Graphics

Email service providers regularly block images, making showcasing your campaigns’ offerings difficult. However, with your landing pages, the sky’s the limit. Add images and graphics, dynamic sales text, and more. Make it appealing in design and informative in content. Just make sure you don’t over-design your landing page. Images and graphics are great, but you want to make sure they aren’t too distracting.

While email marketing is a great marketing channel that offers fantastic ROI for your business, adding landing pages to the mix will increase engagement, conversions, and sales. Your landing pages should be error-free, beautiful to look at, and contain information that is valuable to your subscribers and relevant to your marketing campaigns.