In this modern and technology-advanced age, apps are as common as … apples on an apple tree. Honestly, it is almost impossible to run any kind of program, campaign, marketing strategy, etc., without the use of apps! As we know, apps are a piece of software that is designed for a specific function, or to enhance current functionalities. No matter what electronic device you have –desktop, smartphone, tablet, there are bound to be apps scattered all throughout.

Have you ever thought much of apps before or after downloading them? Sure you download them because they are the newest and niftiest apps in the market that everyone is scrambling to download, but we are so surrounded by them that do you even know which ones are apps? Apps fall into different categories; some are full-featured while others perform a smaller task. Here are some examples:

Starting with the big boys that we find on our desktops:

  1. Word processor. The most well-known is Microsoft Word used to write letters, essays, resumes, and other documents.
  2. Web browser. Can you imagine living without this? Some computers come with a pre-installed browser, but the most popular ones are Firefox and Chrome.
  3. Media players. Music, movies, podcasts…this app is a must have.
  4. Evernote. A virtual binder that makes your schedule your professional and personal life much easier to handle.

Next are the popular ones for mobile phones:

  1. GPS. What everyone has on their phone while driving, but tucked under the steering wheel so cops don’t see!
  2. Instagram. For selfies, food pictures, and throw-back Thursdays. Also fast overtaking Facebook and Twitter and most popular platform.
  3. Youtube. A great way to pass time while waiting in at the doctor’s office or if you are sitting alone at a café. Don’t forget your earphones!
  4. The Weather Channel. Just handy in general!

Now, what about apps for email marketing? Email marketing is a complex creature and also has multiple apps to help run your campaigns but also to add some enhancements here and there. Apps to integrate social media, apps to add event location and time to emails, apps to pull CRM contacts into your account, and so much more. Out of all the apps to use, Zapier is a must-have. If you want to pull your contacts from a certain app into your Benchmark account, Zapier can do that in a snap.

What’s also great about Zapier is that you can monitor every activity through the main dashboard, and also change which app should be a trigger or an action. You can watch data flow from one app to another without having to haul in some more bulky and time-consuming coding.

There are more than 250 apps you can integrate with, and all of them can incorporate with Benchmark email marketing to further your business. As we all know, email marketing is the best way to increase your business. So whichever followers you want to target, be sure that they are well inputted into your Benchmark account.