Is there such thing as App Appreciation Day? If there isn’t, then there should be one! We live in a fast-paced tech age where apps make the business world go round. So if you want your company to succeed and catch up with the rest big players in the industry, then get your app on.

We at Benchmark are very app-happy. We are not just saying that because we are an email marketing company, but because all business small and big will greatly benefit from apps. Here are some that we love:

Gmail – something we all know, love, and have. Gmail has been ranked as the top email service for businesses for their intricate features that makes communicating multiple ways a breeze, searching for old emails easy peasy, and personalization which allows you to organize your inbox to your personal taste.

GoToWebinar – Hosting a webinar to demonstrate your product is a terrific marketing strategy for plenty of reasons; you can record your webinar and post on several platforms to expand its reach, share valuable content and show viewers step by step visually how to use the product, engage and answer questions directly, etc. GoToWebinar allows you to manage your webinar with ease and even convert leads to sales.

Eventbrite – Hosting an event is hard enough, but having to take the time to promote it, create tickets, and manage sales makes it even harder. Eventbrite saves you all that trouble by implementing everything into three easy steps. You can also simply plug the registration form onto your website. Once finished, you can then post on your social media pages to further promote the event.

Wufoo – Collecting data from online surveys and invitations is a crucial part is discovering what your audience wants and needs, and thus improving your product just for them. Wufoo provides an easy way to building contact forms and surveys, share it, and receive real-time report on their progress.

LiveChat – Chatting directly with a customer service rep is the newest and most popular way to ask questions to the company. That’s why LiveChat is a necessity for your business, with features such as file sharing, transcripts, after-hours forms, and daily summary reports.

With so many apps to improve your business, what better way than to integrate one with your Benchmark account for a powerful boost in your email marketing? Try the Benchmark Email Zapier integration and see for yourself!