What’s the point of creating a beautiful application if no one knows about it?

And, how could you tell your customers that you have invested in an amazing application that may prove to be an exceptional one for them?

The Best Promotional Email Marketing Campaigns for your Mobile App

Well, the most appropriate answer to this question is to practice email marketing services. Not well aware of the technicalities that come with it? Don’t worry, I will cover all that and a lot more while explaining to you the do’s and the don’ts of email marketing services.

Email marketing services include a number of practices that could help your app get global recognition among the niche audience. Being the umbrella term for the marketers, there are a number of practices that are much beneficial to practice. And, when you are getting into the email marketing services, you must know the do’s and the don’t of the same in order to practice it the right way. However, prior to revealing these elements, let’s have a look at what stats have to say:

Let’s have a look at the stats that prove the efficiency of emails in the modern world:

  • According to a 2015 study, there are approximately more than 2.5 billion email users worldwide
  • 33% of the world population uses emails to communicate

With these points in mind, it is time to be careful about how you are shaping your email marketing campaign. If you practice the things the right way, such campaigns can generate an impressive number of leads for your business. Email marketing services, however, are not only about the leads (I’ll explain later how) but also about making a profound relationship with the clients. Developing a relationship with the clients out of the business is a way to keep them interested in your services.

You want this to happen for your business right? So, let’s talk first the Do’s of email marketing services.

Do: Compose Your Emails With A Clear Goal In Mind

It is the basis of sending emails. They are sent with a purpose. Your purpose may vary with a variety of reasons right from attaining the attention of the customers toward your business or getting the users to click through to a landing page or share any basic information about your business with the users or maybe anything else. So, first decide what you want your email to do and then set the right tone in order to compose it accordingly. It is also important to give a thought to the email title and the body. You need to reflect professionalism in your email.

Do: Automate the Outreach Process

Email marketing services can actually be exhausting either for business managers or for retailers practicing the same. In case, the scenario seems very much similar, you must be looking out for ways to make it easier for you or your team to practice email marketing. Automating the outreach process can help in this regard and therefore you can opt for email marketing automation.

Here are a few points that will help you to apply automation software in the process.

  • A welcoming/ thanking or subscribing email to the users
  • Reminder emails for sales or upcoming events
  • Follow-up emails post purchase
  • Customer loyalty emails to valuable leads

Do: Email Personalization

Different users are interested in different kind of email marketing services & that makes it important for businesses to curate emails with a personal touch. Reading their names at the top of the email is sure to invoke readers’ interest towards the email. While personalizing it is important to segment the email list. You must know the interest of your prospects in order to curate the mail the right way. Including recipient’s name at the very beginning is a good start.

After that consider the following:

  • Find out why customers are visiting your website and curate your email depending on the same
  • It is important to include a persona for each email segment including a list of general demographics, interests, and purchases that can be considered for general group
  • Utilize the time and location in your favor. Send emails at the time of any festival such as around Christmas

AmazonLocal email

Do: Emails That Are Mobile Responsive

Most of the users prefer mobile browsing, which makes it important for every email marketer to make their emails mobile responsive. In case, your emails are not easy to open on mobile devices, you are missing out on a large audience that frequently uses mobile devices. Therefore, there is no escaping from making your emails mobile responsive.

Additionally, keep the following points into the mind to ensure people reading emails on mobile devices can access your email:

  • Reduce the size of images through email compression
  • Use HTML email template editor to alter the style of your email (this helps to arrange the images by sizes rather than by pixel)
  • Increase the size of the buttons and the links
  • Consider responsive HTML email templates
  • Don’t stuff the emails with rich media

mobile emailAs we have talked everything about do’s of email marketing services that every marketer should follow, it is now time to practice the don’ts of email marketing services.

Here come the considerations to practice:

Don’t: Be A Spammer

Spam is a no in email marketing services. In fact, it is illegal in the US, which signifies how important it is for you to impart an exceptional experience to the users through your emails.

Additionally, keep the following points in the mind in order to ensure the emails meet the required criteria:

  • Only entertain the email addresses of subscribers who have given their consent to receiving emails
  • Reflect a clear image of your business. Tell exactly what you do and what kind of services are available there for the users. Add your contact details including phone number, address, and social media account
  • Avoid sending too many emails in a short duration
  • Make unsubscribing easy for the users. In case, they wish to opt out, do let them opt out of your services.

Don’t: Forget Your Links

In case your email has not a prominent call to action, your email is a wasted effort. The email is a chance to include a strong call to action in your message, so why not embed a link of your business in the email? Ensure the email provides a click-through opportunity to the users to browse your business link.

So, create an impression with your email and do practice the following suggestions:

  • Be catchy with your call to actions
  • Present it as if you are selling something very useful for the users
  • Try to sell them your product by indicating the hidden benefits
  • Tailor your brand’s need in the email

Don’t: Buy Email Lists

Growing an email list organically is of course frustrating for email marketers. And, the worse part, there is no magic wand to help you win more subscribers for the business. Well, the temptation of purchasing an email list right away is desirable. But you should never do it at any cost. Buying the email list is likely to buy links. What you get is low-quality leads that are not worthwhile.

So, to gain the attention of the users, practice the following suggestions:

  • Incentivizing the users
  • Providing them discount on the services, or
  • An invitation to webinar
  • Offering white papers

Don’t: Shoot Emails Without AB Testing & Proofreading

You might have abandoned a number of emails owing to its poor grammar or a spelling error. It actually doesn’t feel good to find mistakes in an email. So, be very much attentive when composing these emails. It is also important to opt for AB testing. The content of an email should equally be considered as that of a blog post.

There is no scope for errors in such posts and thus it is important for you to test the email regarding:

  • Any error in the spelling
  • The tone of the email
  • Usages of words in your email
  • Proofreading the email before sending the same

Don’t: Just Focus on The Sales

Email marketing is not only about sales. It can effectively do a couple of thing for you. Email marketing is as much about cultivating experience as it is about generating leads. If you solely focus on the sales aspect you may lose other important aspects. Make your emails in such a way that it seems to provide additional offerings. In case, the users like it, they will surely opt for the same. If you really need success, consider offering additional advantages to the users.

The Bottom Line

And, there you have it the complete guide to practice email marketing the right way.

Now practice all these suggestions in order to get the attention of your users. Remember it is all about offering the value to the clients to get their attention. And, if you are able to practice email marketing the right way, you are sure to generate leads for the business.

All it requires is practicing the elements that are in the trend. And, doing these practices the right way (as we have explained the things here) will obviously generate positive results for your business. Additionally, keep studying the trends that marketers are practicing. This will help to generate positive results.