Incorporating social media in your marketing campaigns can help you experience a number of benefits.

Not only are social media platforms used by millions of users from all around the world, they can also help you run your marketing campaign in a much more cost-efficient and faster way.

Social media can really help you learn a lot of new things about running your own email marketing campaigns and they can help you not only attract more people to your brand but to also achieve higher conversion rates. Here are some effective ways to use social media in order to help make your email marketing campaign a success.

1. Use the Right Social Media Platforms

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The very first way for you to support your email marketing campaign and help it grow through social media is by picking the right social media platform to work on. There are millions of online users for every platform, but you might have a harder time working with some.

For example, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share links directly through your posts and you will most likely have to link them on your profile’s bio. This might become a setback as many users will not take the time to visit your website and click on that link if it is not easily accessible to them.

It is a lot wiser to use Twitter or Facebook instead. Both are platforms which are being used by many companies on the daily in order to promote their blogs and websites and they can help your audience come in contact with your content a lot easier.

2. Provide Redirect Links to Your Landing Page

After picking the right social media platform through which you will be promoting your content, you should make sure you are sharing the right links in order to give your followers access to joining your email list.

The best way to do that is by always incorporating the right links on your posts. These links should redirect your followers to your landing page, where they will be able to easily spot your email list subscription form.

Social media will help you get your content out to a lot of different people and if you promote your page correctly, you will be able to get a lot of people to join your email list and therefore make your email marketing campaign a success.

3. Offer Special Discount Codes Through Your Social Media

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One of the tactics many companies follow in order to get more people to join their email list is to encourage them through special promotions and various discount codes. This is a great idea which can really help you attract a bigger audience and gain you a lot of followers on your social media. Additionally, attracting more followers can lead to greater recognition, visibility, and exposure for the company.

You can probably understand why most people are hunting for bargains. In our day and time, every company wants to sell more than their competitors and promotions are a surefire tactic to achieve that. By spreading the message through your social media accounts you are achieving a number of results.

First of all, you are helping people who already are in your follower list to actually go ahead and make a purchase they have been thinking about for a while. Alex Anderson, marketer for TopWritersReview notes, “Placing your discounts on social media will help you reach a lot more potential customers than any other form of paid advertisement”.

On top of that, you will be able to get even more people to view your offer if you have your followers share the post you created. Not only will this attract more people to join your email list, but you will also be able to increase your sales.

The best way to go about this is to let your online followers know that by joining your email list, they will be able to benefit from a certain promotion. Your social media accounts are the best way to do that as they allow you to come in direct contact with your audience.

These followers will more than likely stay subscribed to your email list and that means that they will continue receiving offers and promotional emails, therefore making them more likely to come back for another purchase.

4. Let Your Audience Know How Easy it is to Join Your Email List

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In order to motivate people to join your mailing list and get certain benefits, you should also let them know how easy it is to join.

Your social media accounts are the perfect place for you to do so. Instagram and Facebook give you the option to start a live video where you can show your followers live just how easily they can join and benefit from your offers.

You can also go ahead and create a video or an infographic which will show your audience through the right pictures, just how easy it is to follow the link you will attach and become a member of your email list.

The point here is to actually make sure you don’t ask for a lot of information in order for them to join. A name and an email address should be enough for you to create a personalized email for them when they decide to join. You can adjust your email marketing campaign to their preference on your website and their purchases, as well as their social media account information, in order to make your emails a little more personal and fun.

5. Create and Share Interesting Content

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When using your social media accounts to promote your email marketing campaign, you will have to give your followers a taste of what they should expect through it.

Apart from showing them how to join your email list and informing them about discounts and other important offers, you should also be able to offer them interesting content which will actually motivate them to stay subscribed.

Depending in your niche, there are a number of things you can do in order to keep your audience entertained. You can post pictures about fashion, inspirational posts, recipes, blog posts about interesting topics and many other things.

In this case social media can help you by providing you with a means of creating the hype before you send of the next email. If your email list is automated, so should your social media be. A few hours before a new blog post, or even a day in advance, you should have already created an interesting email promoting it as well as an appropriate social media post which will make your audience expect the new email in a certain amount of time.

This will help you make your audience interested, keep them up to date with your activity and help them give you feedback on what they enjoy so you can improve your email marketing campaign in the long run.

6. Keep Improving Your Marketing Campaign


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The secret to any successful email marketing campaign is to get enough feedback from your audience and make sure you are adapting your content to what they enjoy the most.

Unless you pay attention to their wants and needs, you won’t be able to actually create content they will truly enjoy and that will result in them leaving your email list and in your marketing campaign being unsuccessful.

Social media platforms allow you to come in contact with your audience without them having to send you an email or give you a phone call. Most people will actually prefer using direct messages to talk to you about any sort of issue. This is a great thing you can do in order to ask for their feedback on your email list after any conversation you have.

You can also create a poll on your social media accounts where you can ask your audience what they would like to see next in your future emails as well as what they would like you to continue doing. This type of direct feedback is the number one thing that will keep your campaign running successfully for the long run. It will also allow you to improve the way you create your emails as well as the services you provide.

Running a Successful Email Marketing Campaign is in Your Hand

There are many different ways for you to use social media to your advantage.

The point here is to not only find a good way to spread the message about your emails and website and to attract more followers, but to also continuously improve your content in order to make your campaign successful in the long run.

You can use your social media accounts in order to solve any questions your followers have regarding your email list. You can talk to them about all the offers you can provide them with as well as get feedback on your current email content and keep improving it. No matter how you go about it, your campaign will be a success as long as you put enough effort into good communication and content creation.