The refrigerator in my apartment is basically a glorified mini fridge. It was made for humans much smaller than I to use. As such, items get stacked on top of each other and pushed to the back. Food and condiments get lost. Just last night I was searching for horseradish sauce for a roast beef sandwich. I knew deep down that it existed in my refrigerator. Once I finally excavated it from the deepest, darkest corner of the fridge, I was saddened to find out it had expired…over a year ago!

November 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. I could use one of those days about once a month. I’m guessing many of your subscribers could as well. While everyone is sure to be getting Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday emails, one for Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day is sure to stand out from the pack.

What could this email campaign consist of? I suggest a contest to see the oldest expiration date discovered. It will engage your subscribers, and do them good. That way, even if a subscriber doesn’t win the contest, they still receive value. You may have an even better idea. Regardless, save your subscribers from some unwelcome odors and mold. Send a Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day campaign!

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