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Automotive Dealerships Email Marketing Blog

Susan Wells

Social Media Marketing Advice for Auto Insurance Companies

Dec 05 2012, 10:14 AM by

Certain industries have more trouble harnessing the power of social media than others. It's not always easy to get Facebook and Twitter users excited about auto insurance. Car insurance is a necessary evil, something cautious drivers often wish they didn't have to pay for. It's not necessarily something consumers want to think about when they're looking at their friends’ wedding photos on Facebook.

Posted in Automotive Dealerships, Social Media, Automotive Repair

Hal Licino

Mastering Obscure Tags in Your Auto Dealership Email Code

Jul 15 2011, 08:10 PM by

Car dealers sell and coders code… however, it’s to any marketer’s advantage to understand the basics of two attributes that can assist in the crafting of persuasive emails: the alt and anchor tags.
Help Your "Images Off" Subscribers with Alt Tags
Alt tags are the descriptions of every meaningful, non decorative image that should be incorporated on the HTML of each email you send.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Automotive Dealerships

Hal Licino

Your Customers Can Bear Auto Industry Upheavals...with a Song

Jun 09 2011, 08:00 PM by

If a time traveller arrived from a temporal jump launched just five years ago, he would find that the automotive world is upside down. Toyota is on the ropes after being rapped for poor quality control, while Hyundai (gasp!) is a market leading brand hewing a reputation for quality. You can stroll into a Chrysler-Dodge dealership and find pocket rocket Fiat 500s hunkering in the shadows of hulking Ram 3500 Cummins Diesel Duallys, and you can stroll into a Pontiac, Saturn or Hummer dealer and find… nothing at all. Most of your automotive dealership’s customer base is disoriented by all the upheaval and you can help clarify, educate, update and pacify them through your email marketing campaign with the “hook” of popular music!

Posted in Tips & Resources, Automotive Dealerships

Hal Licino

Avoiding the Top 5 Auto Dealer Email Marketing Transgressions

May 19 2011, 04:50 PM by

As an automotive dealer, you’ve certainly heard about this: an email from the Used Vehicle Recall Notification Center lands in a customer’s inbox but turns out to be a barely disguised sales event promotion. This sort of hornswoggle is not limited to rusty hoopdie used iron lots, as even some of the most august dealerships in the country have resorted to these low-life tactics. A GM dealer founded nearly a century ago with 14 locations that regularly ranked in the top 10 in the nation was sued by the Attorney General (AG) of the state of Georgia for $50 million for sending out fake vehicle recall notices. Unable to legitimately defend themselves against the charges of grievously misleading their customers, the entire dealership network shut their doors. You don’t have to resort to faking recalls to cross the line of honesty and legality in your automotive email marketing if you engage in any of these top 5 transgressions:

Posted in Automotive Dealerships

Hal Licino

How Automotive Dealers Can Ensure Proper Email Display on Mobiles

Apr 21 2011, 04:49 PM by

Just a few years ago it would have seemed science fiction: An automotive dealer unloads a rare new model and within minutes potential buyers receive full color images or even video of the exact car - that reach them no matter where they are, at home, work, the beach, or out on the golf course. Even Captain Kirk in the 23rd century had to content himself with just basic audio communication to the Enterprise.

Posted in Automotive Dealerships