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Benchmark Email Freshdesk Integration

Keeping your customers happy is a full-time job.

Whether it is resolving complaints or helping your customers learn how to use a particular feature of your product, customers have come to expect swift and thoughtful solutions to their inquiries.

In order to have your customer support team always ready to provide optimum service, they need to work with the right customer support software.

Good customer support software should be easy to set up, allow you to scale seamlessly, and allow your agents to collaborate easily. Freshdesk is one customer support software that checks all of those boxes.

It allows you to put all your customers’ conversations in one place and collaborate with other teams to work on issues faster.

And, since emails have traditionally been the most important customer support channel, we decided to build an integration that combines the powerful features of Benchmark Email and Freshdesk to help you manage your customer support via email.

Let’s see why Freshdesk is important for your customer support team and why you should use it with Benchmark Email.

Why Use Freshdesk?

Here's why your customer service team will benefit from using Freshdesk as their preferred helpdesk software.

Manage Your Omnichannel Presence

Wouldn’t you like to track your customers’ journey through every communication channel -- chat, social media, phone calls, emails -- till they finally make that purchase? That’d be great, right?

Freshdesk is a customer experience and helpdesk software that allows you to do just that. You know exactly what’s happening with your customers and can shape the experience they have as they move along your funnel.

You can:

  • Turn your support emails into tickets that will be dealt with by your customer support agents.
  • Answer calls and turn them into tickets in Freshdesk.
  • Support your customers on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Chat with your customers through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Apple Business Chat.
  • And if you’re tired of the number of support tickets you keep getting, you can publish a branded knowledge base and add a chatbot to help your customers find the answers they need quickly.

Multiply Your Customer Support Teams’ Efficiency

When a team works together to achieve a common goal, you know success is in the cards. Freshdesk also offers you collaboration features that help your team work efficiently together to make your customers’ problems go away.

Here’s some of what you can do with these collaboration tools

  • You can share ownership of tickets. This means that different teams can have access to the same ticket and never lose visibility of its progress. This way, every party involved in making a customer’s problem go away is never left out of the conversation. And the customer-facing agent always has the most up-to-date information.
  • You can link similar issues together anytime there is a surge in incoming support emails or tickets. Your team would work on every related ticket and send out consistent replies to the customers.
  • There is also the Parent-Child ticketing feature which allows you to split complex issues into smaller ones that members of your team can work on.

It Is Secure

Your customer data is important. Mismanaging it could spell disaster for your organization.

Freshdesk provides you with enterprise-grade security that ensures that your business has the privacy, data protection, and security it needs to scale globally.

There Are No Strings Attached

Freshdesk has a 21-day free trial, so you can test out the software without spending any money. Plus, there's no credit card required for setting up your free trial, giving you nothing to lose.

Why Use the Benchmark Email Freshdesk Integration?

There are a lot of benefits to using Freshdesk with a Benchmark Email account.

No Download Necessary

Time is of the essence when dealing with customer issues. And this is why we’ve made the process of using your Benchmark Email account with Freshdesk as streamlined as possible.

You do not have to download any additional software to get started. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to maximize the power of emails as a support channel.

Easily Add Customers To Your Benchmark List

Say goodbye to the days of collecting and inputting emails manually into your email list. You never have to worry about human errors that might not be spotted until it’s too late.

With Benchmark Email, you can easily pull out your customers’ email addresses from Freshdesk and add them to any list of your choice. Not only is this method quicker, but it is also smarter, as you’ll be eliminating human errors.

Create Quality Engagement With Email Marketing

What do you do after you put your customers and leads into email lists?

You want them to stay happy and continue to use your service. That involves creating engagement through email marketing, which is one of the best channels for revenue-generating engagement for businesses.

By using Benchmark’s integration with Freshdesk, you’ll have a platform that supports your email marketing campaigns so you can send follow-up messages to check up on your customers. And, you can leverage our library of email marketing templates that will help create visually appealing and engaging emails.

It’s Free

The price of using our Freshdesk integration is nothing.

You do not have to pay anything to get started with it.

While we do have paid plans available for you, our free plan also allows you to use this integration. Plus, Freshdesk also offers a free plan, so why don’t you test the integration for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Requirements For Using Benchmark’s Email Software And Freshdesk Integration

Sign-Up For A Free Benchmark Email Account

You must have a Benchmark email account to use our email marketing solution. However, as previously mentioned, the process of signing up for an email account comes at no cost under our free plan. The entire process of creating and setting up the account takes less than 15 minutes.

To start, you’ll need to provide your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You will also be required to provide your organization name, your organization list size, and login information. Next, you’ll need to create a password for accessing your account.

To get the most out of our tools, you’ll be asked to specify what you wish to accomplish with Benchmark:

Create A Free Freshdesk Account

You can sign-up for a free 21-day trial of Freshdesk by visiting Freshdesk’s website. You’ll be asked to input details such as your name, your email address, your company, and your phone number.

Click on the green Sign-up For Free button, and you’ll have a new Freshdesk account created for you.

Tips For Integrating Benchmark Email With Freshdesk

The process of integrating Freshdesk with your Benchmark Email account is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Benchmark Email account.
  • Click on your profile on the top right-hand corner and select integrations from the options.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the new page and click on Get Started.
  • Find the Freshdesk integration option and click on it.
  • Enter your subdomain, username, and password to connect to Freshdesk. Click on Save and Next.
  • Select the default Benchmark list or create a new one to add your Freshdesk contacts

Note that the final number of imported contacts might be less than the projected value, as Benchmark Email filters certain emails out. Such emails include role-based emails, duplicates, unsubscribes, and blocked domains.


If your customers feel like you don’t pay them enough attention, they’ll leave you for your competitor. And getting them back might prove impossible. That’s why you should use a platform like Freshdesk that ensures you never lose track of what your customer wants. And if you pair it with an email marketing platform like Benchmark Email, you’ll turn your emails into a productive communication channel that helps you retain customers and achieve your goals.

Are you ready to delight your customers via Benchmark Email and Freshdesk? Get started with Benchmark Email today.