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Benchmark Email Google Contacts Integration

Google Contacts is a tremendous tool for managing contact data. It allows you to keep track of your contacts' email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and it comes with tons of functionality.

Its simple features allow you to segment your contacts, share their information, and make adjustments whenever the need arises. And, since Google Contacts also integrates with our email marketing platform, you can make sure you're getting the most out of every interaction with your contacts.

Let’s see how you could benefit from using our Benchmark Email Google Contacts integration.

Why Use Google Contacts?

Appropriate storing and organization of customer data is crucial for lead generation and nurturing efforts. Google Contacts is one of the leading contact management tools, and for good reason. Let's discuss some of the ways this tool benefits businesses and the professionals that use it.

Organize Thousands Of Contact Data

Google Contacts isn’t just an address book, and you can do more than add new contact data to your list.

You also have the option to segment and manage your contacts’ information. Every contact has basic information like name, email address, phone number, company, and job title, but you can also segment your contacts and label them based on various qualifying factors and identifiers.

For instance, you could create a label for “New Leads” and add contacts that you’re hoping to convert into customers into that particular contact group. In fact, you can create tons of labels and contact groups to help you organize your contacts in a way that is most convenient for you. Just keep in mind that the maximum amount of contacts you can have is 25,000.

It Integrates With G Suite Seamlessly

This may be a given, but Google Contacts integrates seamlessly with other Google applications, such as Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. And the beauty of it all is that just by creating a Google account, all these apps are automatically synchronized.

If you're a G Suite user, Google Contacts is responsible for the auto-completion feature when you type in a name in your Gmail account or your Google Drive. This means that every newly updated contact is automatically updated across applications.

Boosts Collaboration by Easily Sharing Contacts

One of the benefits of using products within the G Suite is that you can easily share documents and projects with other team members and collaborators. This same luxury applies to Google Contacts.

You can delegate access to at least 25 collaborators by clicking on the "invite delegates" button. And like the sharing feature for the other G Suite tools, you aren't restricted to members within your organization and can invite people from external organizations, too.

Why Choose the Benchmark Email Google Contacts Integration?

No Download Required

Benchmark Email’s integration with Google Contacts doesn’t require you to download anything. All you need can be found in your Google Contacts and Benchmark Email accounts.

No Set Up Required

Google Contacts comes without any setup headache. There's no lengthy or complex process to get started, all you need is an active Google account, and your Google Contacts will be synced automatically.

Also, there aren't elaborate steps required to connect your Benchmark Email account to your Google Contacts account. Let's put it this way: if you got started today, you’d be able to immediately access your contacts’ information and engage with them using our powerful software.

It’s Free

Google Contacts is free to use. And while Benchmark Email has paid plans and packages, we also offer a free plan to all users.

Want to get started with a free, easy-to-use email marketing tool that integrates with Google Contacts? Sign up for our free plan today and get started in minutes!