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Benchmark Email’s MailOptin Integration

Your email list is one of your most important marketing assets. It offers you a direct line to individuals that are interested in your brand and what you have to say. It’s crucial for businesses to dedicate efforts toward building their email list if they want to remain competitive and see consistent revenue come in.

Now, building your email list and your lead pool has never been easier. With Benchmark Email’s MailOptin integration, you can automatically convert your site visitors into leads and add them to your Benchmark Email email marketing list.

With more leads and a growing email list, you’re able to spread brand awareness and send tailored email outreach to an interested audience that can ultimately increase your revenue.

Let’s dive into exactly what MailOptin is and how this integration is beneficial for your business.

What is MailOptin?

MailOptin is a full-featured lead generation plugin for WordPress and comes with an easy-to-use form builder that allows you to create beautiful lead capture forms that are optimized for the highest conversions.

You can add these forms to your website, which will allow you to capture leads and ultimately build your email list.

The Benefits of Using MailOptin Forms

Website forms play an important role in your inbound marketing efforts. They allow you to turn an average site visitor into a lead - someone you can reach with specific messaging and nurture into a customer.

But not all lead capture forms are created equal. Here are some benefits of using MailOptin forms on your website:



MailOptin offers different types of opt-in forms so you can engage site visitors in a variety of ways. Here are some form options to choose from:

  • Popup: forms that pop up from the bottom of a webpage.
  • Notification bar: forms that appear as a bar at the top of your webpage.
  • Inline: forms that appear within your webpage text.
  • Scroll box: forms that scroll as the webpage visitor scrolls through a webpage.
  • Slide in: forms that slide into a webpage from the outside.
  • Sidebar: forms that appear along the side of a webpage.


Many of MailOptin’s forms are professionally designed, mobile responsive, and conversion-optimized, so you can be sure your forms are rendered and visually appealing on any device.


MailOptin offers page-level targeting and an opt-in trigger, which allows users to build a hyper-segmented email list based on user behavior and action.


Measuring results is a sinch with MailOptin’s analytics, actionable reporting, and insights. Tap into these tools to improve your lead-generation strategy and make data-driven decisions that will increase your revenue.


By using MailOptin’s Benchmark Email integration, you also get access to other form solutions, like Connect Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and Elementors.

Requirements For Using Benchmark’s Email Marketing Software and MailOptin Integration

Here’s a step-by-step guide, with links to tutorials, for using Benchmark Email’s MailOptin integration.

  1. Sign up for a free Benchmark Email account.
  2. Add the MailOptin Plugin to your WordPress site.
  3. Connect MailOptin to Benchmark Email.
  4. Create Benchmark Email opt-in forms and add them to your website.